Hey everyone, I'm happy to have a place to share my board game/RPG musings! Please feel free to interact with me however, I'm just happy to be here and have a sense of community.

I'm super into right now cause I just got it, and I totally (unintentionally) cheated to barely surviving Scenario 1 in Gloomhaven.

I'm hoping to get my ideas on paper for things to make progress, hopefully this gives me a place to share and stay accountable!

@trueneutralocto hi, nice to meet you! I was playing gloomhaven jaws of the lion, but we hosted a kitten who was very against the entire concept and didn't get back into it 😅

@sissas Thanks! Cats can be so nifty. My SO's cat is usually well behaved, but chose to step on the Pandemic board 3/4 of the way through :joy:

@trueneutralocto ahah oh no! Losing the board state in pandemic is particularly bad! But of course a cat would be interested, so many cubes 😂

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