I upgraded to 32GB of RAM only a few months ago (4x8GB) and I'm already like "I really need 64".

I wonder how much I could reclaim by running an Ubuntu Server VM instead of an Ubuntu Desktop VM

Let the coffee hit the floor
Let the coffee hit the floor
Let the coffee hit the

So it's been a difficult week or two for #gardening. I live on the second floor, so there's a wind problem. My greenhouse got blown over ๐Ÿ™ˆ

Made my first TikTok. Trying to make a second one, way harder than I thought it'd be.

The team I work with has a couple of openings for remote, paid C++/Python/Java internships this summer.
It's very Linux-y, if you're into that sort of thing.
It's not GSoC, so you don't have to be a currently enrolled student either.
Boosts appreciated!

SO saw Citadels in a game store and thought it wasn't the Citadels we knew because it came in a big box and we only remembered the character tiles. Citadels is just like, 2 decks of cards, some coins, and character tiles ๐Ÿ˜‚

That being said, I kind of want to make a server that's just for people to belt out lyrics without context. I'd probably be the only account on it, but I'd like the placebo effect of communicating.

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How do you find good accounts to follow? Do you just camp local/federated? Do you look for hashtags? Do you repeatedly hop servers until you find the hip spot?

the idea of the Great Attractor is so damn spooky. You're telling me everything in the universe is being pulled towards some point that we cant see because our own damn galaxy's in the way? suspicious

Been sketching these little characters. They are nothing special, but are enjoyable to practice with and take my mind off being less helpful and productive than Iโ€™d like lately.


Pressing seeds into
Loamy soil as sky portends
Coming thunderstorm

I filled an old preworkout can with soil. How should I decorate it? I'm not artistic. Paint? Glitter + Glue?

idea to try in a 5e game soon: get hold of a bag of devouring; polymorph a bad guy into a thing with a strength of 1; throw the thing into the bag; badda-bing, badda-boom.

gave me a 5$ gift card randomly, so I bought this super cute mousepad to replace my discoloured black one. I really like iti and the material is great too.


Has anyone made a site that's just a collection of Rollable Tables?

I love randomly generating characters (Eclipse Phase's Transhuman has TONS of these for the setting), and I'm sure other people have created sets of rollables for various things.

Children of Ruin spoilers 

And I say 'meh' being someone who loves Octopodeses (I mean, that might be obv), and is mostly indifferent to spiders (their webs just don't fit into my home decor style!) (But I'd love if they could!)

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