I've been thinking recently that D&D 5e's charisma system is pretty broken. Bards and charisma casters have such high persuasion modifiers that nobody else usually talks to NPCs whom they need something out of.
And, there is no cultural/relationship modifiers to charisma, leaving the DM to change the DC based on the PC, which is completely contradictory to 5e's design principles.
I get that D&D is about fighting monsters, but my RP heavy campaign is suffering 😭
Fellow DMs, any ideas?​


@pench4nt Jumping in late to say: according to the variant rule in PHB p. 175, there’s no reason why Charisma has to be the only RP stat. For example, you can let your beefy PC crush a vase in one hand for an Intimidation (Strength) check. That rule might open up your 5e roleplaying possibilities a bit more.

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