Hi, all! First-time Mastodonian and lover of games, design, and game design. Before COVID I played a lot of 5e and board games, and now I have about eight month's worth of hunger for game-related content in any form!

Lately I've been working on a non-Euclidean dungeon with funky physics and weird gravity. Very inspired by games like Antechamber and HyperRogue as well as that one Ocarina of Time room where you go through the twisty hallway. Excited to chat with you all!

@trevor Welcome!
That dungeon idea sounds super interesting. Care to share more? :D

@pench4nt Definitely still putting ideas together at this point. My favorite bit so far is a trap hallway that's 10 times longer in one direction than the other. Also trying to perfect a Portal-ish puzzle room, if I get that to a presentable state I'll be sure to share it!

@trevor @pench4nt This stuff is fantastic when it becomes a good puzzle, when there are rules (weird as they may be) to figure out, and frustrating when it just feels lolrandom.

@Sandra @pench4nt Good point! I definitely need to be careful to keep the concepts simple and "gettable."

@trevor @Sandra
I agree will Sandra as well. This might be great for a puzzle or even a one-shot adventure.

Welcome to Mastodon & the Fediverse
I know what you mean I used to game once a week or so with friends

@defrisselle Thanks! We get together through Zoom once in a while to play Among Us/Jackbox, which has been fun. We tried an online tabletop game but it doesn't replace the in-person experience for us. Fingers crossed for a vaccine soon!

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