I have two different groups that want to play some 5e remotely, but none of us have ever done so before. What do y'all think - is Roll20 the best option, or what?

My favorite little auto-generated poem in the book:

Slide and tumble and fall among
The dead. Here and there
Will be found a utensil.

And another gem:

Bill sings to Sarah. Sarah sings to Bill. Perhaps they
will do other dangerous things together. They may eat lamb or stroke
each other. They may chant of their difficulties and their
happiness. They have love but they also have typewriters.
That is interesting.

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A bit off topic—but playing some more reminded me of "The Policeman's Beard is Half Constructed," a book (ostensibly) written by a computer program in 1984. Super interesting to try and suss out how the algorithm works. ubu.com/media/text/racter/ract

Hi, all! First-time Mastodonian and lover of games, design, and game design. Before COVID I played a lot of 5e and board games, and now I have about eight month's worth of hunger for game-related content in any form!

Lately I've been working on a non-Euclidean dungeon with funky physics and weird gravity. Very inspired by games like Antechamber and HyperRogue as well as that one Ocarina of Time room where you go through the twisty hallway. Excited to chat with you all!

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