Unfortunately our "heroes" were too noisy to show up at their mark's hideout without them being prepared.

Two painful battles ensued against mages, automated defenses and a 12 foot flying feathered serpent.

Here they are nursing their injuries.

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"It's your turn Mr. Gunther"

"I'm gonna take a [free] step and vomit profusely"

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A gold star to our "heroes" for trying to bluff their way through the border crossing to Tir Tairngire with the wrong ID, the right paperwork and a couple hours late to cross due to the windshield incident last week.

It was a valiant effort, but murdering everyone to get through ended up being the way, as it often is with this group 😂​

Note the guard crunched on the border fence. It was hilariously fun mayhem.

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Shadowrun out of context 

@Provinto "firing it is like getting a hug, every time"

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Couldn't sleep, so I spent an hour or so cooking up some paracritters. It's gonna be an interesting run this weekend!

Player Characters! How interested are you in the rules in your given ruleset? Do you want to know about the rules in your game of choice or do you just want to play and see how they affect you?

Other Players: "You realize that we're gonna have a hard time getting that van through the checkpoint with a slug through the windshield and blood all over the inside, right?"

Epsil0n: "I dunno, the way Smiley popped that driver was preeeetty hot. Do you know how much recoil his slug-thrower has?"

Smiley: "It's like a hug everytime I fire it."

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Game Night! The players are on a heist to jack a corporate vehicle with checkpoint access to their run target. Within 3 seconds of the vehicle being stopped by their barricade things went to hell as Smiley the Orc does what smiley does.

@wigglytuffitout I live on the West Coast and fireball is absolute garbage and a waste of whiskey wasn't an option

re: What do you call a cow with two legs? 

@ossifog I love that this was a punchline inside of a punchline inside of a punchline. Puncheption.

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Soooo I'm also doing a thing for LGBTQ folk in the UK, and wanting to set up a Queer Gaming Café basically, and having been turned down for a loan I need to CrowdFund it.

I try and live to be the person I needed when I was younger, now I'm trying to provide the place I needed when I was younger.

If you can donate anything to help, that would be amazing. If you can share the link, that's just as amazing.

Have Questions? I'll answer the best I can!

Don't have what you need from a specific tileset? Sometimes the tools you have just don't quite cut it.

I'm glad I'm an open source nerd. I can just draw whatever icon I need and put it on a floorplan :) rocks.

@Crash horizontal hexagons are my hexagon of choice

I started making a thing a while ago for people who need or interiors or battle maps. It's a Workshop addon for Illwinter's Floorplan Generator on Steam :) - have a look if it's your thing.

It's a work in progress:

The goal was simple, striking and dark. I want to implement more "barrens" and "cult" style stuff to it. Always open to suggestions.

Also a link to Illwinter's FPG. It's great :) illwinter.com/floorplan/

One big thing I've come to realize from reading novels is that runners don't have every step they need to take laid out for them. They often need to figure out how to do a job themselves.

I had started my campaign more or less way-pointing what to do next with preconceived outcomes.

Tonight the only thing handed to them was an objective and they schemed marvelously. Next session's gonna be great

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