I'm working on a framework for ( So far I have the attributes sheet nearly sorted. It updates and affects the pop-over stat sheets.

Interactive rolls are next.

I am sorry to disappoint the people who enjoyed this post. I discovered a project of my vision nearly realized for Foundry VTT.

It was a hard decision to switch tabletops again, but it has been worth it. Since moving I've become a contributor of Foundry's best Unofficial GURPS system

You can check it out here:

@tratz My appeal with MapTool is it's free license. I'm looking forward to see the development of Mytthic Table also. But the GURPS community focus more on Foundry VTT and Fantasy Grounds. Mook has some nice wrap up post around it

@invisivel I struggled with this too, but then I realized the source code is open. It's just a restrictive license. I can live with that. The cost to have Foundry for my personal use (which is extended to my personal circle!) is $50. It's so reasonable and I'm not pulling any punches when I say the quality of the project is worth it.

That being said if there's interest in GURPS for MapTool I would consider building it. Especially if I can replicate the GCS support like GURPS Game Assistant

@tratz Didn't know that aspect of the source code of Foundry VTT. Maptool is not that appealing when we try to use it - I find it non intuitive, I feel the same for Rolisteam (but I prefer Rolisteam to MapTool even so). There are some old GURPS 4e frameworks for MapTool ( I will just save some money for Foundry to many people recommending it. I used Roll20 some times (lots of people tend to used it), and I just dislike it, for a large number of reasons...

@invisivel It's a dated design and Wrathchild is abandoned :( My goal was to write something usable for maptool. The interpreter for their homebrew scripting language is dog slow and awkward but I was getting the hang of it,

Foundry uses modern web tech with Electron. For all that bloat it runs surprisingly well. Way better than roll20 and you can host on your machine

@tratz That's nice. And the single buy is a plus, we don't to be paying monthly subscriptions. :-)

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