Game Night! The players are on a heist to jack a corporate vehicle with checkpoint access to their run target. Within 3 seconds of the vehicle being stopped by their barricade things went to hell as Smiley the Orc does what smiley does.

Other Players: "You realize that we're gonna have a hard time getting that van through the checkpoint with a slug through the windshield and blood all over the inside, right?"

Epsil0n: "I dunno, the way Smiley popped that driver was preeeetty hot. Do you know how much recoil his slug-thrower has?"

Smiley: "It's like a hug everytime I fire it."

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A gold star to our "heroes" for trying to bluff their way through the border crossing to Tir Tairngire with the wrong ID, the right paperwork and a couple hours late to cross due to the windshield incident last week.

It was a valiant effort, but murdering everyone to get through ended up being the way, as it often is with this group 😂​

Note the guard crunched on the border fence. It was hilariously fun mayhem.

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"It's your turn Mr. Gunther"

"I'm gonna take a [free] step and vomit profusely"

Unfortunately our "heroes" were too noisy to show up at their mark's hideout without them being prepared.

Two painful battles ensued against mages, automated defenses and a 12 foot flying feathered serpent.

Here they are nursing their injuries.

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