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PAX Stuff 

@Gamefreakgeek Yeah! You play as suitors looking for different things in a partner, and you mail letters to each other that share some of your qualities and vulnerabilities. It's semi-cooperative because multiple people can win through marriage or independence, but there's also one sided marriages. I've been calling it a courtship game of deduction and catfishing.

Space Biff actually wrote an article about it recently! @tonytran

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@tonytran thanks, Tony

I will have a table in Unpub Fri and Sat afternoons. Am bringing:

ContraBanter, a word smuggling party game

Mock Trial, a satirical trick-taker/lawyer rpg

Please stop by and say hi! Looking forward to meeting new people and trying all your games πŸ˜€

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PAX Stuff 

@tonytran I'm bringing to PAX:

Persuasion, my Victorian courtship game.
Unraveled, my 1 vs many evidence analysis game.
Opacity, my "legacy trick taking" game about representation.
Conviction, my couple's quarrel deck builder.

I have 2 blocks at Unpub and I think I may focus on Unraveled, but I'm not sure, maybe Opacity since I don't usually have such a long time for testing. Maybe Unraveled one day then Opacity the next.

I'm tempted to bring a print and play of VelociRapture.

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@tonytran I'll be bringing Roux Mates with a few new changes implemented! Images and details in the pinned post below!

For everyone going to PaxU, share what prototypes you will be bringing so we can get a preview of all the games(especially if you will be at Unpub) !

I like the to a publishing company to be named Penultimate Games that only publishes short games you play before the big game of the night but are still thinky to warm you up.


Pictured: 5 start Etsy review for my Meeple Earrings: "Superb service and packaging. The earrings are perfect. Great shop!"

I got my 2nd check in the mail for game development work! If anyone is looking for development work for a card game, I'm looking for work.

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@tonytran The admin of Tabletop Social has temporarily paused invites while they figure out how to effectively moderate this space and handle the massive influx of new people.

Can I no longer send invites to Mastodon? I do not see it anymore

I'm making a creepy/evil Xmas card game. Look at these poor but bad children being taken away. Buwahaha

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PAX U Paid Booth Work Opportunity 

Is anyone I know here looking for work at PAX U?

I know two publishers who are looking for booth workers to demo their games. They pay well, include a free badge, and may be able to offer lodging.

Hit me up if you are interested or if you know someone trustworthy who is!

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@tonytran If you've been working on a game for a while, I recommend trying a major change that you think probably won't work.

Shake things up! Learn more about your game!

And there's always the outside possibility that it'll lead to something even greater πŸ™‚

Anyone else scribble down 4 pages of notes for a new complete game then never ever return to it?

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* It's all updated for PAX Unplugged - sort / search / filter by the con as you like.
* The backend now runs on the same server as the website, and not on a third-party service. New tech on the back end means a faster / stabler service that's better set up for the long term.

(ICYMI: If you're a game designer trying to pitch your games to publishers, this service is here to help you pitch your games better. Think 'sniper', not 'shotgun'. See

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The people on the bird site were aghast that we thought it cool these LED dance poles were powered by Raspberry Pi.

We got in a lot of trouble. It was most unexcellent.

Are Pi-powered poles cool here?

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