I have an idea for a one-shot convention mystery/horror scenario, which would require players to check some extra clues online. I'm thinking: unlisted Youtube videos, text/art hidden somewhere on the web...

Lots of work but I think it'd be worth it.

Tonight's CoC game is canceled. Instead I gonna prep for an OHET game I want to run at local RPG meetup on Tuesday.

Our GM told us we're the first group that didn't finish his scenario in one game session (out of four he run it for).

Um... Achievement unlocked?

I think it's time to start running games for my kids.

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@tomo vsca.blog by @Halfjack, Bastionland.com by Chris McDowall

What RPG blogs do you read? Give me some recommendations, Fediverse.

I follow Gnome Stew and Stargazer's World and not much else (in English).

I've played yesterday for the first time, an intro adventure for Ravenloft. It wasn't bad, but it's not my kind of game, thank you.

I've spend last night talking with two friends about a CoC mini-campaign they are writing for publishing. Lots of good ideas flying back and forth.

They want me to write it with them, but I'm no longer interested in publishing any RPG stuff.

I bought the T&T bundle at the Bundle of Holding and I'm now thinking about playing some solo adventures.

I have so many RPG ideas... And a mere thought of acting on them, writing those games, those scenarios down, brings me discomfort. This is really weird.

Like, I would like to have the hobby of RPGs but I don't want to have that hobby.

I'm confused. I think there's a scientific term for that, but for now I'll just say I'm confused.

I can't read RPGs any more. I've tried to read Delta Green's Handlers Guide. I find the long section on history of DG immensely boring. I just don't care.

I also don't care about jurisdiction of US federal agencies.

Give me 20 pages booklet with the essence. I'm going to make up the rest.

A friend of mine is trying to make me publish a scenario for CoC I wrote some 15 years ago. I lost the original file and I would have to write it from scratch. And I think I'm too busy (ekhem... lazy) for that.

The Cthulhu adventure in Vermont continues tonight...

It seems that tomorrow's CoC game will actually happen, despite all the odds.

One of the players is going to have an operation. We won't play until he's well again. At least well enough to sit on a couch for a couple of hours.

We finally manged to get the group together and played CoC. First time in ~10 years! It was fun, it was really fun.

I and my 3 friends (adults, jobs, kids, families) are trying to play some RPGs. The first day all 4 of us are free is... in the second week of August.

I miss my collage years (I do appreciate my current income, though).

I'm reading "Interface Zero". Reached page 30 so far. Not impressed. :/

My ideal RPG: an 8-12 page booklet with a moderm infographic-style design that explains all the rules. All the reference stuff (monsters, magic, feats, classes, playbooks, you name it) as cards, bigger or smaller, depending on the need.

The goal would be to make it as accessible as possible, ideally to be picked up and learned in 15-30 minutes. Just like board games. Some publishers did try that in the late 80s, but it went nowhere.

If I get angry enough, I'll do it. 😀​

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