Just noticed I forgot to finish the base edges with black.. Damn.

Finished this duo for my tonight. Really like this thing! Excited to see them in action.

@mxfraud Any idea how to get rid of this request? I don't want to add this site. Firefox doesn't offer an "Don't ask again" - button and I can't find something in the settings. I close it but it comes back on a regular basis.

Still some of my favourite models, Legion of the Damned. I'm hoping for them to get more playable units (Terminators and Dreadnoughts!) since they got their mini-codex in the 7th edition. I also probably should take some new photos since these are not so good.

Oh, and I want to see them in !

Have to cheat on my first as I'm busy and can't paint today, but I coated these guys in the weekend for my .
Left one is a Sicarian Ruststalker Princeps, right one is infamous UR-"Totally no man of iron"-025. Guy in the back just poses so I know how to color which part.

Also played for a while. This was my one of my Nexus! Unfortunately I could not maintain the game and eventually sold it all. Really liked it, though.

Some scouts I did when I got into Shadow War:Armageddon. Kinda miss it, but is a good successor game!

Hi there! I'm mostly into and working on my Mechanicus team, but I may also post some occasional stuff about other tabletops and boardgames.

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