Built the next 2 models yesterday, another Cryptek and a Canoptek Spyder. The Spyder comes with a transparent mount as it's hovering, but I don't like these so I made a base where it can be mounted by "touching" some random stuff. The connection wasn't strong enough though and I had to add another element later for support.

Also, the pictures don't do the cryptek justices. It's a really great model, can't wait to see it painted.

Did some groupshots today. Started painting my Necrons in October, quite satisfied with my progress so far. Stealthily painting in telcos helps a lot with getting stuff done!

Finished my first bigger Necron models this week. Say hello to the Canoptek Reanimator and the Canoptek Doomstalker!

Waaaaagh! Getting through a lonely holiday-season with some new Blood Bowl.

Unfortunately never finished and painted this one, but I've tried to scratchbuild some orky aircraft station once. The base is a old pan.

Also, I've had a very small room (3-4m²) back them that was dedicated to Warhammer, and no cat. You can see the result on the desk in the background.

Wanted to do some industrial grime effects so put this together from some old bits and pieces I had lying around.

just finished my necromunda gang & I wanna show off. Went with a kind of black light/laser tag themed color palate

Had some Oldhammer Necron warriors laying around since 15 years (they are twice as old) and they will finally see some color! Have to fix one of them but I think I'll just attach one of the spare blasters.

Painted miniatures, very light modelled gore 

Put up my photography setup today to snap some photos of my recent (and not so recent) work!

Painted miniature with some blood-like elements 

Rather happy with how bird-mom turned out, I'm going to clean up the base rims and take some better pictures, but I'm basically done!

Finished the first batch of my new Necrons! Settled for the pink version but will try to blend in a bit more purple next time. Liked the purple a bit more, but I couldn't get it to glow as much as I wanted to.

Painted some more. Made the chestplate purple and the metal body a bite more weathered but I like the overall look. Tomorrow I'll get some pink paint and will experiment a bit to get more intense purple.

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I think i'll stick to these colors for the Necrons. Easy to paint on the standard warriors and allows for more sophisticated coloring later on elites and hqs.
For these, maybe I'll put a little beige to the chest next to the symbol, but I'm not sure about that. Also I may try a more pinkish and glowy purple, but I need to buy some more paints for that as I only have one dark tone of purple.

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