A itch io bundle is being assembled to benefit Black Love Resists in Rust, a Buffalo based organization, and is looking for submissions. Instructions are in this tweet:


21/25, plus que 4 hexagones à remplir !

Même si vous en avez déjà proposé un, hésitez pas à en ajouter un autre pour finir. Pensez bien à le lier au reste ;-).

Tout le monde peut participer à ce cadre de jeu collaboratif, les règles sont par ici :

#fedimocracy #jdr #carte

A coworker just used Poetry for Neanderthals as an ice-breaker at work. Worked surprisingly well over Zoom. I'm up next for the ice-breaker. Thinking The Resistance or One Night. Other suggestions for a rule-lite casual game?

Launching a Call of Cthulhu campaign for some friends but asked them read about Lovecraft's virulent racism and strategies for telling better stories before we play. Haven't started the game, yet, but have had some great conversations. Turns out the real monsters were the unexamined biases we found along the way.

Hey! I'm a table-top game and TTRPG player and GM. Mostly 5e these days (because that's what my friends were willing to learn), but a couple Starfinder games going on the side. Looking forward to getting some Mothership 1e games going. Starting to write some modules. Always interested to see what other folks have on the go. Would be interested to hear player and GM stories of Rule of Cool crit successes.

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