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Quick !

I'm Kirby, I'm agender and in my 30s, from Germany.

I've been playing Tabletop RPGs for about 15 years now, but not regularly in recent years 😦

My favorite RPG setting is (French, early 2000s), of which I own a complete collection ✅
My favorite rules set these days is .
I am also a big fan of .
Historically, :dnd: 3.5 is my most-played RPG.

I love (no spoilers!) and !

Let's be friends! :heart_pride:

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I go by Kirby now, btw, but moving accounts is such a drag, I can't be bothered right now 😅

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Thanks for making my wonderful new avatar, and this... let's call it a profile.

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Yo peeps, I'm not super likely to allow follow requests if we never talked.
And "Hello" barely counts.
I don't have the time right now to go through your profiles and see if I like you 😅
Maybe later, but if you're impatient, you can tell me a bit about yourselves 😉 👁️

I'm now *finally* migrating my account over to @kirby 😊

Complaining about tech: YouTube 

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tech question, please boost 

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Trans Internet Security Risk 

re: Complaining about software devs: VLC 

German. Preis-Vergleichs-Websites, Geld, witzig 

Joke about urine (with SFW picture of Queen Elizabeth II) 

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Nazis, abuse, asking for help 

Complaining about software devs: VLC 

Funny (???) post my brain came up with shortly after waking 

I need a good book… any recommendations?
Like… or something similar?
I feel like I should expand my horizon, but I don't know where to start 😅

At least a bit optimistic and not too gruesome, please.

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i updated my definition of #kindfulness

kindfulness (/ˈkīn(d) f(ə)l nəs/)

1) the quality of being mindful and kind,
2) being conscious and aware of the importance of kindness,
3) using kindness or kind acts as a way to care for yourself and others

synonyms: empathetic, considerate
see also: radical kindness

re: CW: Poverty, homelessness, begging, amputation mention 

CW: Poverty, homelessness, begging, amputation mention 

Hey humanity? You fucked up. 

Article about companies violating GDPR demands I accept cookies or pay for non-tracking access… 🤦‍♀️


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this house is politically incorrect
We say

God damn America
workers of the world unite
all cops are bastards
be gay do crimes
socialism or barbarism
eat the rich
Nazi lives don't matter

if this offends you
:antifa: :_gayheart2: :comrade: :mrmarx: :trans_heart: :anarchism:

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theme park management sim but it's a truman show scenario where you have to build, staff and maintain a facade of a small american town to keep a sole person fooled their entire life

Wow, this year will see 's 35th birthday, if I haven't had any wires crossed!

food mention, complaining about not having food 

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