Our game group played Nyctophobia, a board game designed to be played without sight. One person plays like a GM, seeing and describing the area. Each player wears vision-impairing glasses, and the GM guides them to touch their player piece. They then get to feel around their immediate vicinity and move one space at a time.

cw artistic blood, horror genre

tired and gay the card game

(this is not intended as a subtoot, even though it could apply to so many)

I don't know what I'm doing so I'm just collecting all the White Rabbits

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We're playing a game called Parade from Z-Man games. The rules aren't complicated but I'm having brain problems at the moment so I'm just playing to enjoy the theme and the artwork. Otherwise we might as well be playing Numberwang.

Why do dragons refuse to eat paladins? 

Because they taste so Lawful.

campaign setting teased in WotC post: enworld.org/forum/content.php?

I run a game of 5e D&D set in Eberron myself, so I'm interested in an updated campaign book. Then again, I modify the 3e setting enough so it's "mine", so I don't know if I'd like if they update things in a different direction.

Do you like the concept of dragons hoarding dice? Do you like enamel pins? Do you like pineapple on pizza? Okay regardless of your answer to the third question, this artist is making dice-hoarding dragon pins! Kickstarting an online store, US-only, $12 each (but they're a big 4cm) kickstarter.com/projects/mdlab

Someday I want to try Spooktacular, a retroclone of the old West End Games Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters International RPGs.

The premise is that the supernatural exterminators have already caught on, and ever ready to make a quick buck, have franchise rights available. Fun RP opportunities in getting a small business running with friends, even before you spot your first specter.


S6E3 of the new Netflix Voltron is very and inspired! With some CRPG/MMO visuals and tropes added in for flavor.

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