still very WIP, not sure on the first ability phrasing, colors, cost, or toughness

art stolen from without permission

@thorgrit Would you like a suggestion to make the wording closer to official cards?

@hypolite absolutely! was sort of relying on the silver border esque "this card works like you think it does" unstated assumption

I also don't know if I need to add a "or leaves the battlefield" clause if last known information about its power sticks around perpetually

@thorgrit I was about to suggest something about "converted mana cost" but I see that the more recent cards use "mana value" which I wasn't familiar with.

Otherwise your rule for the control gain is consistent with Callous Oppressor (…) that doesn't mention leaving the battlefield either.

So I'd say it's pretty accurate relative to the current wording of Magic The Gathering cards.

@hypolite Thanks for looking into it, I appreciate it! I do a lot of custom cards and I'm almost always looking for constructive feedback

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