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Consolidating mastodon accounts; for now find my combined main/warcraft/tabletop/AD account over at @Mycroft

Consolidating mastodon accounts; for now find my combined main/warcraft/tabletop/AD account over at @Mycroft

I just backed Nahual: A Tabletop RPG of Mexican Urban Fantasy on @Kickstarter and holy moly it looks rad.

Don't misgender people. If the GM says a character is a woman, use the right pronouns. If another player hasn't said what gender their character is, don't assume. If you encounter a dragon, or a bee, or anything else, don't assume it's a "he" or a "dude" or a "little guy" or any other gendered thing. Masculine is not the default.

Bunnies and Burrows tabletop rpg Kickstarter is pumping out updates left and right. Keeping in touch is nice, but 3 updates within the span of two hours?

Updates are taking the game in wild directions I'm unsure of, and would rather focus on core gameplay rather than flashy unnecessary extras that eat up development time and cost. So I pulled my pledge.

Our game group played Nyctophobia, a board game designed to be played without sight. One person plays like a GM, seeing and describing the area. Each player wears vision-impairing glasses, and the GM guides them to touch their player piece. They then get to feel around their immediate vicinity and move one space at a time.

cw artistic blood, horror genre

Friend: "If you had to make a new fursona based on a d&d monster, which would you pick?"

Me: "......... Dragon??"

if gender is a construct does that mean its immune to critical hits send toot

when I first ran D&D, my grandmother, who had bought fully into the IT'S SATANISM hype, insisted on sitting and watching the first session

about an hour in, she threw her hands up and yelled 'THIS IS JUST MATH' and stormed off

Story is based in running , with a contingent of the Church of the Silver Flame going around and doing good deeds, fighting evil, that sort of thing. Could use suggestions for a catchy name.

Okay, so, I'm thinking of creating a public game at my FLGS. One-shots, so people can drop-in drop-out. What sites exist out there to post campaign info, house rules, etc? Is Obsidian Portal still a thing?

my favorite people is going to the hashtag #d to see people talking about dungeons and dragons who don't realize that the hashtag will cut off halfway through #d&d

9th Annual Running of the Gnomes happens tomorrow!

housands of pink-haired gnomes are to gather in #Warcraft and run from the starting zone to a pirate city. All are welcome to join, including people who make a free trial account.

It's to raise awareness for breast cancer, and soliciting donations for a certain kind of research.

A pusher but instead of selling you progressively harder drugs they're selling you games that are more and more likely to destroy your friendships.

"You had a fun time with Mario Party, but have you ever tried... Diplomacy?"

Happy coming out day, btw! :heart_pride: :heart_ace:
Remember that RPGs should be a good safe place to explore yourself and who you are, and that's always a good thing

there's pros and cons to knowing what a claymore is (joke) 

Thinking I need another player for my Spelljammer game as we've had a few drop out. Have a look at if you are interested...

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