tfw you have a friend describe a ttrrpg game/campaign they want to run, with features and focuses nobody in the playground wants, and you try to resist the urge to tell them have fun writing your novel

mtg un-card idea 

in the spirit of Hurloon Wrangler's Denimwalk

Hurloon Naturalist, 2R
Creature - Minotaur
Nudewalk (This creature can't be blocked as long as defending player is wearing no clothing.)
"Nothing comes between me and the open air."

Emergency bunny alert! New card creates Rabbit creature tokens. White, not green.
from the Baldur's Gate Commander Legends set

custom mtg card idea, generic tribal general 

Morophon is ok, but not exciting. Spice it up a little?

5 generic for 5/5, changeling, when etb choose s creature type, creatures of the chosen type cost wubrg less to cast, all good

when a creature of the chosen type enters the battlefield under your control, you may choose one that hasn't already been chosen this turn:
* draw
* create treasure
* gain 5 life
* deal 3 damage to any target
* create a 1/1 changeling

something like that?

dnd minor magic items 

a small tent that can set itself up and put itself away on command, only enough room for one medium sized creature to lay in (two could squeeze but too tight and uncomfortable to do anything fun), once flap is closed, interior light can be adjusted from complete darkness to dim candle

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dnd minor magic items 

a franchisee-branded mess kit that always contains enough bland lukewarm gruel to count as a meal, the lid of which can be used as a compass that always points to the nearest franchise restaurant and advertises their specials

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dnd minor magic items 

a bow, crossbow, or sling that, as part of attacking with it if it's empty, magically creates a nonmagical piece of ammunition, so you never have to track ammo again

the ammo becomes irrecoverable after striking a surface, so you can't sell infinite arrows

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dnd minor magic items 

spider silk gel, you can pull a gooey liquid from this average sized canteen that nearly instantly solidifies into a flexible strand with the strength of hempen rope, holds up to 82 feet worth, container regenerates at the rate of about a foot every 37.5 minutes

the strand starts to weaken after about a day and dissolves completely after about three

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dnd minor magic items 

thinking of things that a party of second level characters could easily start with, if the bar of +1 weapon/armor is considered too powerful

fumblesatchel - like a Handy Haversack, except what you want is always near the bottom, taking 1-10 minutes to retrieve anything from it, with auditory clanking and jostling; not cursed, just defective

For example John Hodgman himself transposes the name of the RPG Bunnies and Burrows, and falsely claims it was based on the movie version of Watership Down.

Nerdy pedantry with gaffes is what I'm saying. Worth checking out imo.

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this week's Judge John Hodgman podcast is all about and answering written in disputes

with guest host Griffin McElroy being the most experienced and serious of the goofy trio, expect more jokes and impov then actual rules decisions

I've been having too many problems accessing again, from slowness to timeouts, so I think I'm moving back here again.

Also, I regained an interest in D&D, so I think this account can serve a dual purpose.

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custom card edits 

for my cube, two cards with differing creature types

I missed the mtg-specific chatter over at, and the SSL problems I was having seem to have long been cleared up, so I think I'll go back to talking about my lovely cardboard children over at @mycroft

this account I'll probably semi-retire towards general tabletop gaming, which I don't do much of lately

And [[Rabbit Battery]] added to my Rabbits mtg connection as the 46th card. I think my collection is complete until the next set.

just unpacking my commander deck with the "bonus" "free" Mossfire Valley instead of a Niss-, er, I mean, basic land, along with the 0/1 Plant token that the Niss-, er, I mean, basic land doesn't create

Greasefang ultimate play 

turn 1, swamp, entomb, throw Parhelion II into the yard
turn 2, plains, night's whisper, back to 7 cards in hand
turn 3, some land, cast Greasefang, reanimate Parhelion, crew Parhelion with Greasefang, Parhelion and buddies attack for 13
parhelion goes back to hand; 8 cards in hand, discard parhelion
turn 4+, rinse and repeat

my brain: be sure to put in things like lockets and cluestones

me: what has that got to do with the theme

brain: because you can sac them

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