reimagining some classic creatures with Reach to fit into the Three Kingdoms setting and old card frame as holding pikes or longspears and having the ability "Can intercept creatures with horsemanship"

[[Giant Spider]] seems an obvious first choice

news: Cube Tutor is shutting down, and will go offline 1 November 2021. You can read more on their home page:

You have until then to download lists, or easily import your cube into the newer Cube Cobra.

This mechanic popped into my head, might be too complicated though. Red impulsive draw from white taxing on white symmetric red rummaging.

My first cube entirely from scratch!

No idea how playable it is, I seem to have accidentally drifted in design sensibilities between colors, with White full of rares while at the end Green is mostly uncommons.

mtg mechanic cycle idea 

Vanillin - Ability word for each color that means "This creature enters the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter if (event happened) this turn."

White - you gained life
Blue - you drew two or more cards
Black - a creature you control died
Red - a target was dealt noncombat damage
Green - a land entered the battlefield

as a limited mechanic and costed as if the creature just had the +1/+1, so pretty much just strictly worse vanilla

re: custom mtg cards 

maybe better as

Sapper Tunneling Kit, 1🔥🔥
Artifact - Equipment
Equipped creature has "⤵️, Sacrifice this creature: Target creature you control with power 2 or less can't be blocked this turn."
Equip 🔥

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re: custom mtg cards 

brain please shut off so I can sleep

Sapper Tunnels, 1🔥🔥
🔥, Sacrifice an untapped creature: Target creature you control with power 2 or less can't be blocked this turn.

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re: silly custom mtg cards 

i have to get this out of my head so i can sleep

Public Access Channel, 🌳🌳
Starting with you, each player may pay any amount of life.
The next spell you cast this turn costs X less, where X is half the total amount of life paid this way, rounded down.

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re: silly custom mtg cards, slivers 

okay, couple more, based on [[Persistent Petitioners]] and [[Banding Sliver]]

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re: silly custom mtg cards, slivers 

And one more normal-ish card because I had signets on the mind from yesterday.

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mtg horror story in four words 

all slivers have horsemanship

re: custom mtg card concept 

card as described in parent post, with cropped art from The Entomologist's Dream by Edward Dulac, painting of an aged man laying in bed, looking like startled awake, surrounded by butterflies

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custom mtg card concept 

I'm sure someone can break this into something immensely powerful.

Useless Endeavor, X💧
When you cast Useless Endeavor, choose target permanent.

currently dreaming of turn 1 land, sol ring, talisman, wayfarer's bauble

Commander night at FLGS went sour. One player with expensive proxies in a "this isn't cedh" deck won turn 6, then turn 5 on second game, less than an hour total for both. :/

Since I had nothing better to do, I spent the last hour and a half shuffling my cube and getting it ready into 24 15-card packs.

This one is Strixmander, designed for 4-pod drafting and multiplayer play. So, organized as-is, it's got two unique uses before it needs to be shuffled and prepared again.

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