Picked up this silly massive oversized d20 today. It glows in the dark. Likely won't be used often in my #dnd games however could be super useful in #icrpg (Index Card RPG) to show players the difficulty of the room.

#osr #dice

This is my secondary/backup account to my main self-hosted account @theredcaps@social.theredcaps.net You may see follow requests from both accounts I'm trying to keep them in sync.

I enjoy old school styled games typically in the sphere, and specifically my favorite being or . That said I'll play anything as long as people are having a good time.

I have a which can be found at www.theredcaps.net or via your podcatcher of choice.


I participated - wasn't my creation :) I tried to simply put out some stuff on the podcast that hopefully portrayed the OSR in a good light.


I'll preface with saying I've consumed all of these as audio and the narrator is fantastic and definitely adds to the experience.

Bobiverse books - great scifi, lots of humour, as the series progresses you get really interesting side branching stories and form a connection to the MANY characters.

Hail Mary - is maybe my fav sci-fi book of the last decade or more. It will possibly make you cry. HIGHLY recommend audio version, great character building in this book

@Canageek I'd still recommend the books if you can find them from a source/format that works for you.

These Young Adventurers books by Jim Zub (jimzub.com/) are really the only books I buy that are in any way linked to the current edition of but they are amazing books for kids that are great to get creative juices flowing and to spark an interest in My son is a big fan.


Part of the problem I think is the way the world currently acts online - the extreme swings of outrage and trolling and mixing of political and social issues into all aspects of life and the pressure on individuals to have opinions and conform to the currently accepted views or be blacklisted.

That was coupled with everyone now looking to make money off what used to be more of an enthusiast group simply sharing something they loved.

Not bad - just very different enviroment


While the OSR scene that I"m more heavily involved in is just one part of the larger Indy TTRPG scene I've found that since the closure of G+ and the move to platforms like discord and away from forums/blogs there is a lack of community at least in the way it was.

Too much segregation, too many "warring tribes", too much focusing on things other than games, too little free sharing and collaboration, and too much commercialization.

Twitter or not, it feels that time is gone.

@mycroft thanks - I was considering spinning up a pleroma instance just to play with here at home but every public one I saw online if I tried to follow anyone from there I got errors saying "Unfortunately, there was an error looking up the remote account"

Since it was from multiple instances I wasn't sure if this was me doing something wrong or if the admin here is blocking all pleroma instances.

@perry One Note or Obsidian - more often One Note though as I've had sync issues with Obsidian using syncthing where notes get corrupted.

New episode of the Redcaps podcast is out! We sit down for a conversation with Hankrin Ferinale aka Runehammer to talk gaming, life, art, beer, and much more.

If you enjoy related topics give it a listen!


During the month of October, I did a lot of interviews with various big names in the space and figured I'd list them all in one location and give a little bit of a write-up on the process and thoughts around it. If you're interested check it out:


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