This is my secondary/backup account to my main self-hosted account You may see follow requests from both accounts I'm trying to keep them in sync.

I enjoy old school styled games typically in the sphere, and specifically my favorite being or . That said I'll play anything as long as people are having a good time.

I have a which can be found at or via your podcatcher of choice.

These Young Adventurers books by Jim Zub ( are really the only books I buy that are in any way linked to the current edition of but they are amazing books for kids that are great to get creative juices flowing and to spark an interest in My son is a big fan.

New episode of the Redcaps podcast is out! We sit down for a conversation with Hankrin Ferinale aka Runehammer to talk gaming, life, art, beer, and much more.

If you enjoy related topics give it a listen!

During the month of October, I did a lot of interviews with various big names in the space and figured I'd list them all in one location and give a little bit of a write-up on the process and thoughts around it. If you're interested check it out:

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