@theredcaps Probably most anything that uses the ActivityPub protocol, not just microblogging but also instagram and youtube alikes whose names escape me at the moment.

If you're having trouble with a particular one, check your server's /about/more page to see if it's blocked due to racism, transphobia, etc.

@mycroft thanks - I was considering spinning up a pleroma instance just to play with here at home but every public one I saw online if I tried to follow anyone from there I got errors saying "Unfortunately, there was an error looking up the remote account"

Since it was from multiple instances I wasn't sure if this was me doing something wrong or if the admin here is blocking all pleroma instances.

@theredcaps @mycroft Heya, we are not blocking pleroma by default/on sight.

We are blocking a lot of bad actors, most of which use pleroma.

If you bring up your own pleroma instance, it will not be blocked by default and provided you dont spend your time talking to know nazi and/or pedophile, then it wont be blocked

"instagram and youtube alikes whose names escape me at the moment."
- PixelFed
- PeerTube

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