Good evening everyone,
Just a little from lil ol' me.

I've been playing since the 80's, 35+ years forever DM/GM, but currently running a pathfinder2e campaign as well as a Call of Cthulhu game. Also love board games, puzzles, alternate reality games and enjoy the odd PC adventure game occasionally.

I have just started to learn the game of Go/Wei Qi/Baduk ... and I'm pretty bad at it 😅​

Nice little community you have here and looking forward to taking part!

@th3heal3r Call of Cthulhu is my favourite game by far and I am also almost always a GM so yeah!

@ackthrice I have a hardcore group of four players from our main pathfinder group who are absolutly fantastic and make running Cthulhu a dream. We had just finished the Curse of Nineveh campaign before lockdown hit... not sure what we'll play next, but it will be some era Cthulhu 👍​

@th3heal3r I've been reading Sense of the Sleight of Hand Man, the dreamlands campaign, when I wrap up my current Dark Heresy game, probably in the new year I may have to run that.


@ackthrice I've never run a whole campaign or even a game in the Dreamlands, just used the material as and when needed during play.

@th3heal3r I ran the dreaming stone about 10 years ago and really enjoyed it. It does have a different vibe to normal coc but it is a good change of pace.

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