My first post here, so I wanted to present myself.

Hi, my name is Dimitri K (he/him), but you can find me in the internet as Dimitri, Dr. Givaca (the adorable cow/giraffe hybrid in my pfp).

I'm a portuguese geology student, but my social presence is mostly about me as a roleplayer and game designer. I play almost any game I can try, but am a passionate defender of One-Roll Engine and GM-less/full games.

I also write my own games and post in my blog about whatever comes to mind.

@DGivaca Hi Dimitri! Long time RPG player here, but I've never played or even seen a GMless game. Can you point me in the direction of some that you'd recommend, and maybe sell me on the appeal? As a perpetual GM myself, I'm so curious!

@ada Hi Ada! I definitely can. I like GMless games because they're often easier to bring to the table with little to no prep, and also because some of them provide truly impressive one-shot experiences.

Recommendation-wise, there are broader GMless games like Ironsworn (for free, and also works solo or GM-ed), but my personal favorites are the ones that catter to a specific experience, or where you already know how it will end, and you're playing to find out how.

@ada examples would be some of my all-time favorite RPGs, like The Quiet Year (, where players play out a year of a community before catastrophe, or Dialect (, where players tell about the rise and fall of a community through the lens of their dialect which you develop at the table.

There are also Belonging Outside Belonging games, that often have a GM-ed and a GM-less mode, like Balikbayan (, I had a lot of fun with it.

@DGivaca @ada I would add also some "old" gmless game: shock: social science fiction, the society of dreamers, archipelago. All with a specifici theme/aim. I would add more details but I lack time (and good English 😁 ). I hope someone can do the work for me.

@tartarosso I'll confess that I'm not so knowledgeable about older games, so I'm happy to see someone filling in with different suggestions.
I just made a quick search for both Archipelago and The Society of Dreamers and I'll confess, you got me tempted. 😋


@DGivaca And I was forgetting Polaris (the one from Ben Lehman, because there is a traditionalbrpg with the same name). @DGivaca I think most of the games you cited own something in a way or another to the the games cited from me.

@tartarosso yeah, Polaris I was aware of (it's on my to-play wishlist), but I had to leave out several games I like because even with 500 characters to write, it would never be enough.

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