Hello everybody. I've opened a new profile for political themes and current events. If you are intersted in socialism, market socialism and democratic populism well follow that profile: spartaco_lemme@mastodon.bida.im

P. S. Many posts will be only in italian, sorry.

Cercando vedo che esiste anche mastodon.uno. Che orientamento ha? Perchè dalla descrizione si capisce che è meno radicale.

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Se conoscete anche qualche hashtag opportuno da aggiungere a questo toot, fatemelo sapere.

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Per italiani:
allora, vorrei aprire un nuovo profilo mastodon dedicato ai temi politici e sociali. Che differenze ci sono fra le due istanze cisti e bida?
Cito le due istanze italiane perchè alla fine penso che quando pubblicherò, pubblicherò molto in italiano.

The game Dura-lande has already reached the funding threshold for the Italian edition.

From the official fb page they told me that after the game will be published a crowdfound for the English translation should start at some point (obviously I don't know when).
At the following link (facebook, hoping that it can also be viewed by those who do not have an fb account) you can find the description of the game in English (after the one in Italian):

Ok, there is this profile that I follow here on mastodon. And it spams a frightening amount of posts! Some are really interesting, but I care very little about many of them.
And the amount of toots it puts out, practically almost "obscures" the toots of others.
I tried to silence it for not having it in my home and being able to go and see it by clicking on the name when I want. But unfortunately in making so I don't see any of its toots.
Do you masto-wises have any advice?

Hello @switchingsoftware which is an alternative to Google translate? Possibly Foss but not mandatory. Just more privacy wise would be OK.

Because between compels and spending fate points , the path, often quite linear, of adventures would be ruined (which already sometimes happens with D&D).
Maybe it's easier to play scenarios, as I understand the last adventures released for the 5th ed are, (correct me if it is not so) or readjust old adventures as indicated by the Dungeon World chapter for DW itself.

Opinions? Experiences?

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I read that there are those who use it to play the published adventures of D&D (and derivatives), such as Pathfinder's adventure paths. I read for example of a player happy to have played Rise of the Runelords.

While I can easily imagine using Fate Freeport to play Fate with D & D's "aesthetics" I struggle to imagine playing a "classic" pre-written adventure.

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But let's talk about Fate Freeport (for those who don't know what it is, here is a link (drivethrurpg.com/product/12029).

I have no idea of ​​the quality of the module (perhaps excellent considering the authors), having never played it or read it thoroughly. But what I would like to focus on is something else. It is what it is used for.

An interesting review of Fate of Cthulhu which explores some mechanical aspects (even if only hinting them) of which in other reviews I had not heard of.
As I wrote in the past, the first game about Cthulhu that makes me want to play. I probably won't play it anyway but at least it made me want to play it.


Lately I haven't posted much but when I post I'd like to do it without too many constraints on the number of words.
For answers Mastodon is fine, because I don't like giving long answers, usually. But when I want to start a discussion I need words! Many words!

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Good evening (here it is evening ) everyone.
I would like some advice about the fediverse. I find mastodon cute and I like the tabletop.social instance. But there is a but.
I am also one who occasionally writes long speeches (my native language is verbose and I am verbose).
Mastodon does not allow this in a simply way.
What do you suggest to do? Do I have to switch to Friendica? In this case I should abandon this instance. Is there any way to do something similar to tweet storms, automatically?

#SciFi, #TheFifthSeason #NKJemisin 

That is, around this theme it creates a beautiful genre novel.

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#SciFi, #TheFifthSeason #NKJemisin 

So, when Jemisin speaks explicitly and not metaphorically about sexual minorities, she does so by describing a world that if she does not accept them at least does not haunt them (or at least the author does not dwell on this in this book in the series).

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