Current RPG campaign character design 

My recent campaign setting has been a lot of fun. I went into it with the goal to create a compelling setting that has a lot of replayability and can be changed pretty significantly by the players while staying recognizable and intact.

A big part of all of this is the concept of ascendant divinity, where the entirety of the human pantheon of gods is ascended mortals (one of whom literally stole power from other deity-tier beings and passed it around).

Current RPG campaign character design 

I've starting having my party actually meet these gods and goddesses, and really playing up the humanity and general dysfunction of them all. It's an intentional spin on the Greek pantheon.

It's really fun watching players deal with obviously flawed but incredibly powerful beings. The Goddess of Magic, Beauty, and the Sea is kind of a narcissist and is very clever, but also easily distracted. Keeping her on task is a continuing job for the party.

Current RPG campaign character design 

@tamrielo I thought she was also the goddess of parry girls?

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