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"meritocracy" – the tautology that the rich are worthy, the worthy are rich, and anyone who isn't rich is therefore unworthy.

In the first generation, this doctrine is merely sociopathic, but when passed on to a new generation, it is eugenic.

Troubleshooting layers of Docker and Kubernetes, learning about failure to retrieve errors, hearing about system updates for security patches breaking a file upload.

Hmm…maybe this digital computer technology of the 21st crap really is a brittle house of cards that isn't worth building much more than a fire from.

Privileged people live in a time-lagged bubble

End food apartheid now, because by the time you need to, it will be too late.

(PLEASE seriously if you live in the West and eat food, click this link. You need to understand the severity of the threats on your horizon.)

Just used `git reflog` to retrieve a document that I'd somehow obliterated (likely an overly aggressive `git rebase`). Needless to say, I'm glad I could resurrect that document because I was going to reference it in a presentation/meeting and future blog post.

"FBI-run company sold encrypted phones to criminals, leading to 800 arrests"

In headings like this always try to mentally substitute "criminals" or "terrorists" with "whistle-blowers" or "activists", and see if you like how that sounds then.

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