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Why yes mosquito…I would like you to take a long drink straight from my forehead. Why not drill for that third eye I've been pining for.

Years ago, a friend introduced me to Frightened Rabbit. The circumstances were circumspect and sorrowful, but damn have they continued to be a go to band. Thankful to have seen them in concert twice. Such energy and pathos.

Howdy folk! Apparently, my Website and email had been down from approximately July 10th until, well, moments ago.

I did a pretty good job keeping all my balls in the air even through receiving death threats and being dispossessed off most of my stuff when I was displaced a couple months ago, but some things clearly got dropped.

I apologise to those who use my Website as a resource for learning about colonialism, or were trying to contact me through email. Both resources should be available for the next six months, now.

I am also continuing to develop software for hosting a group focused on learning about colonialism. Right now the community is on Discord, if you want to get a head-start. DM for invite.

I'll take this opportunity to highlight that I live off gifts from folk, and lost most of my possessions (clothes, kitchenware, towels, etc.) a couple months back. For folk on the Web, money is often the easiest gift to give:

I also accept materials: seeds, beads, textile, fiber (yarn, thread), just DM for a shipping address. I also like stickers and buttons and stuff.

Prehistory never ended. We are taught to believe that at some point in time people invented writing, and ever since then everything is neatly written down for the historians to study. This is simply not true. A lot of what is happening, sometimes very important, is never recorded. There are whole communities that don't record their history in writing. If you only limit yourself to studying the written word, all you will know about is kings, priests, taxes and dictionaries written by language purists.

@todd definitely, and spending time sifting through this really helped me prepare for future sessions (I love BW for the very reason of it's nuances, intricacies, and foibles)

we are calling for papers on numerical methods for environmental flow modeling for a topical collection in the international journal on geomathematics. submissions open july 12th, 2021.

boosts are appreciated.

#callforpapers #numericalmethods #environmentalFluidMechanics

@kensanata @neauoire I remember hearing an anecdote about the TV show ER…when it debuted, it's script for an "hour" long show was significantly larger than other "hour" length shows (2 to 3 times). And then, by the end of it's run, it's scripts were again significantly larger than it's earlier seasons. And other shows started following.

@kensanata @seannittner Blades in the Dark is rather tightly bound to criminal aspects. The resolution system is quite nice, but you'll be bringing a lot of hacking to run BitD. There might be Forged in the Dark games (using the same engine) that exist. But that's a question for @Judd

"xhtml 2.0 died on the vine. Its theoretical purity was roundly rejected by the people who actually made websites for a living. Web designers rightly refused to publish in a format that would fail completely instead of trying to recover from an error.

"Strange then, that years later, web designers would happily create entire websites using JavaScript, a language that shares xml’s unforgiving error-handling model. They didn’t call them websites. They called them web apps."

(I've got Opinions)

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@h3artbl33d I self host. Local build, pushed up via rsync, and basic webserver serves the static assets (HTML, css, JSON)

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