On Ruby Keyword Args, Structs, Splat, and Double Splat Operators (Oh My!): Dissecting an Approach to Solving a Coding Challenge I Encountered in the Wild


That Time When the Only Test and Development Environment Was Production: If You Can Habitualize One Thing as a Developer It Is Create Quick Feedback Loops


@hectorcorrea@scholar.social I have long maintained that we should be modeling how we model our data repositories; not modeling our data repositories. To provide for lazy migration and reification based on the "function" we used to write the data to persistence. But alas "that's hard" so instead I saw folks spend time writing concrete models.

@mathew@mastodon.social @kensanata I also wonder about the "Created by Google" factor. Get good at Go is an in-road for joining the Google pipeline.

@Judd@mastodon.social This was such a great post. I'm again reading Trophy Gold and it looks so good.

@kensanata There was a sarcastic/facetious quote on a Ruby XML parser (Nokogiri):

"XML is like violence, if it's not working, you're not using enough of it."

@kensanata agreed, the ideas that they bring are unique and their problem solving is fresh and amazing.

"So how do you find the things that you’d both like to build and that other people actually need?"


"Sometimes, one or two walk alongside you for a bit, and then it’s back the alone fun."

@kensanata has some beautiful words today on working for others and for fulfillment.


I read it and feel his feels deeply, but appreciate the final sentence most of all. I find bittersweet solace in the fact that groups will gather and separate in the constantly evolving timeline of our lives.

I think some other bits to throw into this that bubbled up in my mind were the concepts of "Three is a magic number" for groups of people gathering and working together. Having this number at minimum in a project may give it the best chance of living a long time. No benevolent dictator or wunderkind. Alex definitely has the drive of bringing people together and that is quite the attribute.

Another bit is "The Magical Number Seven, Plus or Minus Two" with regard to how much one person can take on.


I constantly return to this for more than just what humans can keep in their short term memory. I think it is valuable to use as one's mental energy pipeline. Do not overwork yourself. Do not do so much as to burn out. TL;DR - Self Care.
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