@mpjgregoire @kensanata I stopped taking conference notes on the computer and instead pen and paper. At the end of a day of sessions, if I use a pen, I feel energized. With a laptop, I'm exhausted.

@Judd it was terrifying and shocking to the GM. Every player learned something in that DoW.

@todd Duke had a B6 Command (+2D for Dismiss), went for the Dismiss…got 5 successes, spent fate to grab 2 more. I threw a B5 Rhetoric with a Forked Ugly Truth (and 2 Persona) in the obfuscate. Got 6 successes with three 6s. Spent a Fate and brought home 10 successes.

@todd In that DoA, I burned 5 Persona and completely got my belief.

@todd it was an odd one. Their BoA was 6: B6 Will + B5 Persuasion (with no successes). Mine was 5: B4 Will + UNTRAINED Persuasion. Obfuscate vs. their Dismiss, followed by my withering point. Then Point vs. Point left me with giving a minor compromise. The Duke installed me as interim priest, the compromise was that I sword loyalty to Castle Umbria (not the Duke). (Not: already aligned with a different Duke, so I'm threading the needle, and positioning for full on change in loyalty).

Just Duel of Wits a super skilled Duke, and managed to win with only a minor compromise. Thank heavens for their failed Dismiss (though 10 successes on Obfuscate is a great buffer)

Oh holy shit, these authors just drew a line between the moment-by-moment awareness/impermanence of mindfulness and its appeal to corporations who want us to internalize it so we don’t question their restructuring of workplaces with ever-increasing worker precarity. 😳

Dungeons and Dragons and Me

In which I look at how D&D has changed as I've grown up around games and my relationship to them has mutated.


#DnD #ttrpg

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