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Just wrote a quick yasnippet to help me quickly link to past blog posts in my build.

That should help ease a common task I run about 3 times per blog post.

Today I learned about `helm-swoop` for , it's like `swiper` but better help while using and some serious awesome features. Giving it a spin. @kensanata may be interested based on their blog post.

Yesterday, I used and to do an interactive rebase.

Wowza, that is one amazing tool. I could easily review diffs and move commits around. I ended up consolidating 20 some "WIP" commits into 3 atomic commits each with meaningful commit messages.

I used to write software. Now I just poke around in my .emacs configuration.

Actually, after about 3 weeks, I've fully switched from to . I spent a week practicing the basics. Another week slowly bringing in packages. And the last week reflecting on what I missed from Atom and hunting those down.

I haven't used emacsclient yet, as my emacs launches in less than 1s. I've found if it stays under 0.95s I don't really notice the load lag.

Follow along at

In today's adventures in , I added the multiple-cursors package (

I've mapped H-SPC (aka Hyper Space) to then allow me to move the point up or down and set a cursor at each space visited.

In other words I can replicate a long-desired Textmate function that I've had in all of my text editors ever since.

Soon I'll dive into Projectile and Treemacs

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