This is Corrie, our border collie. She's not a small dog, and I assure you, this is her happy place.

I cannot express how much joy these two have in regards to snow. This is their happy place.

(Note: It's about 20ºF, we go out for 5 to 6 minutes then come back in to warm up and dry off. We're heading out soon.)

My winter buddies playing fetch in 15 inches of snow. It's exhausting and they love it.

Last night's snowy meadow at dusk. Visibility was about 1/8th of a mile. I couldn't see evidence of any other human's house from our back window.

I half expected a White Walker or a Tauntaun to emerge from the backfield.

It's shockingly cold, but my traveling companion's ready to go into the untrodden snow.

Some people may pout and stick their tongue out at snow and cold, but I assure you this picture is Corrie's happy face. She loves all the snow, she'll sit in it, and dip her snout in to take a bite.

On our walk, I went under the hanging branches of a mature river birch.

Went for a walk at "sunrise" this morning.

My traveling companion is wondering why I'm not throwing snow at her; Hint she loves eating snow and jumping after it.

A young white man threw a brick (and maybe a punch) through our shop window last night. It looks like he was aiming for our Black Lives Matter sign. We put the sign right back up, because black lives matter more than any window or other property.

We are a sub-licensee for opossum rehabilitation. Last week, we released a young female opossum we found in our yard.

These three (Dipper, Gruncle, and Orion) joined our house for the next few weeks.

They love bananas! And climbing in anywhere they can.

Today, I'm thankful for Jenny (my partner on spaceship earth). This past weekend, Jenny spearheaded setting up my work from home office and library. For now dubbed "The Parlimant" (as there are about 10 owl-related art pieces spread throughout)

Just finished Ebony Elizabeth Thomas's "The Dark Fantastic". As I got started, I had to frequently stop and walk around, to let the depth of what I was reading sink in. And take root. Two years ago, I committed to reading at least 10 books written by women. This year, I'm committing to reading at least 10 fantasy/sci-fi books by non-white people.

New D&D campaign requires space for lots of ideas.

Time for some mint camomile tea and some noodling on my upcoming Eberron campaign.

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