@takeonrules As much as I see your point here I think that keeping it separate is more in line with the *nix philosophy of small tools to chain together. I would think keeping it in emacs would allow less adoption except for emacs people. Conversely, there could be a reverse adoption of exporting to orgmode perhaps?

NOTE: I have not done a deep dive into the tool quite yet since I just found out about it now, but I would have been less likely to use it if it were in emacs. Just me though...

@PresGas That's a great counter point! For me the *nix philosophy of many small tools to chain together is a useful consideration. I suspect the GM::Notepad is "welding a few tools" together, so it's violating that principle.

It was aiming for a REPL experience + persistence concern + randomization. And having access to all of the tooling of a proper text editor.

@takeonrules Yeah, I know it kinda violated that principle, but only for the chaining part. I would still say it has the separate tool bits to make it more accessible for people not familiar with emacs.

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