The player characters are traveling around with the heads of 3 android VIs, they've learned of Parzival (an Unbraked AI), one of the players introduced a token that had 3 Gaelic gods, we have shapeshifters, & a raging imperial/civil war akin to Rome fighting Gaul.

I did not realize how Celtic my Stars without Numbers game was going to go. But I'm here for it.

(I introduced Parzival as an AI because its driving motive is to heal the sector. Parzival is part of a Welsh/Irish grail quest legend)


I spent last night reading "The Celtic Myths" by Miranda J Aldhouse-Green ; I'm looking for touchstones and imagery to fill my world building. I'm making one mindmap and will then be creating a second mindmap with a different focus (e.g. technology or visuals or 19th Century exchanges) to then smash together with the first mind map. The goal: to create a lived in world and place.


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