@takeonrules 🎉

I recently realized the thing you say here: «So I ripped out the analytics, and chose to write according to my current mood and interests.»

And I never used a proper tool for analytics, but I had the idea that one have to write something useful for others, but now, as you say, I will just «write according to my current mood and interests».

I will always try to write something useful, but it won't be the goal.

@eriol thanks. One bit of early advice that I forgot to write in that post goes something like this:

In everything you write, there is someone just a step behind you, interested in the knowledge that you have and that they are close to needing.

Were I to write a gardening blog, for which I'm very much a novice, there is still someone even less experienced than me. By writing where I'm at, I help others join me at my spot, and from there grow and learn together.

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