@takeonrules back in my day we just sprayed "nazi punks fuck off" on the garage door and called it a day, but i can see this approach having its merits :D

(This is 100% a joke about how this is essentially that same action just more verbose, which I think makes it a more appropriate action that spraypainting something, in this situation.)

@emsenn We need both! The immediacy of "Fuck off you Nazis" and sustained effort to say "We're watching and vigilant, and will call out Nazi shit"

@takeonrules You're not wrong but there's actually a lot of history and purpose between calling for nazis to fuck off and for nazi punks to fuck off, and i think the latter is what you're doing.


@emsenn Ah, am I to understand "nazi punks" are different from "Nazis"; I'm unaware of that history.

@takeonrules they are, and it's them who are the real threat at this moment in time, i think, which is why i should probably highlight the difference!

(I have a tab open of a piece to work against to explain this, but want to take notes on that unsettling archaeology webinar i watched yesterday first.)

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