@takeonrules I kind of wish markdown-mode would get some of the features of org-mode because I can never remember all of org-mode’s syntax. I use org-mode a lot for outlining but for files that are more text than structure, I use markdown. C-u M-| pandoc -f org-mode -t markdown can convert though so it’s not that much of a hassle to use the two formats. I have an org-mode plugin for Jekyll and some of my very oldest blogposts are in org-mode format but nowadays I’m pretty much all markdown. Except for GTD and organizing, there I’m org-mode. It’s a mess♥


@Sandra I've only scratched the surface of Org Mode. The thin layer of organization it provides is more than enough to encourage me to use it as my base markup. However Markdown is more prevalent everywhere else, so I must use both. And Pandoc FTW!

@takeonrules happy to see expand-region mentioned. This one is a gem!

@joyager I didn't know how much I'd use it, until I used it.

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