@takeonrules I don’t like the separation of Int and Edu (which is in older editions of #Traveller, too). I’m so sick of the “I rolled a low int so I’m gonna play my char dumb” trope.

I don’t want there to be a stat for smartness. Your character should be just as smart as you are, unless you pick a trait that says otherwise (to fish for inspiration, Fate Points or use as a Burning Wheel “BIT” or the like).

I run a D&D game (had some setbacks on the heartbreaker that I worked a bit on today) but I think of the three mental stats in D&D as “Knowledge”, “Awareness” and “Sense of Self” that just happens to be weirdly misspelled as “Intelligence”, “Wisdom” and “Charisma”. It always stuck me as weird that knowledge wasn’t wisdom (like a wise old sage) and int wasn’t awareness (like a clever bright bird) but enh that wouldn’t’ve been perfect either.♥


@Sandra I've never played low Intellect characters as "dumb", instead I see them as having a harder time moving thought to action or word. This manifests as the player attempting to "fast talk" and rolling the dice. Failure means something is lost in translation.

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