Let's Read “Traveller: Core Rulebook - Character Creation” // Take on Rules

A (Deathless) Mini-Game to Create Your Character

@takeonrules I don’t like the separation of Int and Edu (which is in older editions of #Traveller, too). I’m so sick of the “I rolled a low int so I’m gonna play my char dumb” trope.

I don’t want there to be a stat for smartness. Your character should be just as smart as you are, unless you pick a trait that says otherwise (to fish for inspiration, Fate Points or use as a Burning Wheel “BIT” or the like).

I run a D&D game (had some setbacks on the heartbreaker that I worked a bit on today) but I think of the three mental stats in D&D as “Knowledge”, “Awareness” and “Sense of Self” that just happens to be weirdly misspelled as “Intelligence”, “Wisdom” and “Charisma”. It always stuck me as weird that knowledge wasn’t wisdom (like a wise old sage) and int wasn’t awareness (like a clever bright bird) but enh that wouldn’t’ve been perfect either.♥

@Sandra I've never played low Intellect characters as "dumb", instead I see them as having a harder time moving thought to action or word. This manifests as the player attempting to "fast talk" and rolling the dice. Failure means something is lost in translation.

@takeonrules This was a good review. I haven’t checked out Mong Trav 2 yet. I’m glad that they’re taking some cues from Diaspora and I appreciate a knowledgeable review that can draw comparisons to other games and editions.

@Sandra thanks. I lack in pre-Mongoose Traveller knowledge, but am aware of many of the surrounding neighbors.

I also have a massive pile of post-Forge context.

@takeonrules I am new to trav/ceph but I’m familiar with Diaspora and SWN. We weirdly coincidentally posted about our trav readthroughs at the same time ☺

@Sandra One of my mental hang-ups with SWN is around its "closed-source." Cepheus Engine's open source helps me think and frame how I approach SWN.

@takeonrules Right, I made an island for our #boatmode campaign but to publish it I’d have to paraphrase all the stuff from Other Dust that I used making it. SWNs tools are so great though. If they went open source, wow, what a dream♥

@takeonrules My policy re copyright has always been that for stuff I publish, like all the CC-BY-SA images I release, I have to work clean. But for the home game anything is fair.

@Sandra that sounds like my approach. I also made sure to review all of my blog posts to establish clear licenses. I've put a lot of time into my blog, and I'd hate for unclear licenses to be a barrier for future use (not that I'm anticipating any, but one never knows and our copyright structures are draconic and all around bleck).

@Sandra I spent a wonderful afternoon reading through these readings.


From Trav OotB:

I was, per all my blog posts and comments here, a Referee who adjudicated the “logic” of the world and actions of the PCs quickly, often without requiring rolls, and then came up Throws on the fly. No player blinked at that.

That’s similar is my old style which I have done a 180° from as I’ve moved toward #blorb. Starting with a prep as skeletal as his is fine, but I’d be using the three Tiers of Truth and make it more and more “solid”. For me the word “referee” indicates a role or hat distinct from “world creator”.

I want to filter my ideas through system and the gloracle, not be personally in charge of (and responsible for) who lives or dies.

@Sandra oh my heavens yes! I find myself wanting to read this blog with a pencil in hand, scribbling lots of marginalia.

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