@kensanata I'm at a point where I'm considering going to my supervisors and asking for every other Friday off (unpaid or otherwise). I love coding, game design, playing with my dogs, and other things. Work? It's alright, sometimes fun, but I pay that time to get money to live.

@takeonrules @kensanata Maybe I have mentioned this before, but I have been working 4 days a week for years, and I often refer to that as "the best decision I have ever made" 😊

@kensanata @takeonrules BTW, I take Wednesdays off, not Fridays. I believe Wednesdays are a superior day off, UNLESS you plan on travelling or otherwise doing things that require three free days in a row.

Wednesdays are in the middle of the week, so you never work more than two days in a row. Fewer people take Wednesday off, so fewer people in the streets, mountains, or whatever. And last but not least: Fridays are a lighter, more playful day at work usually, so you don't want to take that off.

@hardcorenarrativist @takeonrules good points! I only tried that for a bit... these days we both take Fridays off and we do travel (though not as often as we'd like)

@kensanata @hardcorenarrativist for a year and a half, I worked at an agency that did 4 day work weeks. It was fantastic. Each week, we'd choose our day (we needed to have full coverage of days). Friday was always a first pick followed by Wednesday. I miss that schedule.

@kensanata @hardcorenarrativist the main constraint on reducing hours is the US's health insurance. My employer pays 90% of that ridiculous cost and I must work at least 30 hours. So 4 employees at 30 hours each paid the same is significantly more expensive than 3 employees at 40 hours. So my employer has a significant financial incentive to have everyone at 40 hours (or more)

@takeonrules @kensanata It never ceases to amaze me in how many different ways working in the US is fucked πŸ˜•

@hardcorenarrativist @kensanata that insurance ussue and at-will work stares (eg minimal worker guarantees of your job) means any effort to organize jeopardizes health insurance. And thus we continue to endure erosion and cant effectively mobilize against true threats.

@hardcorenarrativist @kensanata yup and one of the reasons any protests are so far mild compared to what they likely should be. We're collectively beholden to our employer for life and retained by fiat.


As a fellow Hoosier, I confirm all of this. I have also been finding renewed interest in the IWW as a result.

@hardcorenarrativist @kensanata

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