Looks like someone's troll army has shrunk a bit.

He specifically called for retweets, here, and - in 13 hours - has ... one retweet.

At this rate, he's gonna have to remember the logins for a few of his sock puppets.


re: Zak 

@gamethyme I would imagine Troll Armies main fuel and fodder is their undying belief in Free Speech. After all, it provides safe harbor for their trolling. This "Apology" strikes against the core value of a Troll Army enlistee. To now support a demagogue that succeeds in striking at Free Speech would give pause.

re: Zak 

@takeonrules I don't know - I haven't seen any Freeze Peach indications in this particular troll army in the past.

They usually revolve around "How dare you say X?" Which is almost the opposite of Freeze Peach Trollishness.

re: Zak 

@gamethyme I haven't seen Freeze Peach either, but it strikes me as a fundamental value of a troll. The "How dare you say X?" is an attempt to challenge someone at moral level, an attempt to silence by way of drawing down a higher authority (morality).

re: Zak 

@gamethyme Regardless, I'm relieved to see a diminishment of ZS's influence.

As someone that engaged with him on Google+, and noticed the draw of his event horizon (as in a black hole), and even bolstered him in small ways, I am glad to be done with him.

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