As a GM that rarely rolls up my own character, I am always curious about procedures and systems that introduce surprise into my game sessions. I love Powered by the Apocalypse and it's "success with complication" or Burning Wheel's Task and Intent clarification. What I'm looking for is processes that react to PCs and channel that reaction back at the PCs and the general narrative; I want each roll to change the fictional positions. does not do this by default.

@takeonrules look at my #Patreon system, Dynamic Balances. Each action may alter the character's attributes,pushing them this way and that across a sliding scale, repositioning the character for their next action. There's also a Blowback mechanic that drops consequences on the characters through player decisions and agency. See more at and it'll cost you a dollar to get the latest beta compile (the game's close to done but not there yet).

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