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I'm a white hetero cis-male that lives in the USA.

Using Emacs, I write software, TTRPG session reports, short essays, documentation, open letters, and sometimes a bit of poetry.

Most of the non-software writing is on [my personal writing]( I also tend to charter up working groups in the FOSS [Samvera]( project.

Hey. Did I mention you can come to work with me on here? You totally should apply. Otherwise please signal boost to under represented groups and yes they can HMU

Finally getting around to watching Deep Space Nine; I've seen a few episodes here and there, but not all that much. Looking forward to this.

RT @Darker_Hue
Howdy Partners! I’m looking to hire a POC with mastery of Powered By The Apocalypse for a small #writing gig. Someone who knows the finer details and how to make it sing. It’s pays .10 per word for 2-3K. PM or email me if you’re interested. Let’s ride! #TTRPG #HauntedWest #PbtA

As dawn crescendos
Lone brown thrasher serenades
For whom do you sing?

@kensanata are you still collecting bird songs? I have 50 seconds of a brown thrasher (, and wish I would have more.

This morning a brown thrasher serenaded our window. I recorded 50 seconds of it's song. So lovely to wake to bird song.

Pressing seeds into
Loamy soil as sky portends
Coming thunderstorm

Let's Read "Worlds without Number: Tales of the Latter Earth"Let's Read “Worlds without Number”: Framing Expectations of Genre and System

From this morning:

Fourteen deer cross field
Finding days refuge as blue
Heron seeks cold creek

Fluttering sparrows
Your wings beat vernal rhythms
Heralding new life

Cold winds bring frosty
Snow reminding gentle buds
Of delicate chance

Night choir without
Direction these tree frogs sing
Spring's lush green anthem

Want to defend the future of web accessibility by fighting predatory companies that sell snake-oil solutions? Install the #AccessiByeBye browser extension. Available for Chrome and Edge. Firefox coming soon.

Even if you don't use a screen reader or other assistive technology, help us collect data about websites that use these snake-oil overlays. The extension doesn't collect any personal data or slow down your browser. And it's open source.

@joyager @onepict

Those with power in US society atomize systematic processes into unrelated individual instances ALL of the time to create paralysis and confusion.

Just as darwin's theories of evolution were warped and weaponized into weapons of race and class warfare, so is the scientific pursuit of breaking down the universe into smaller and smaller particles in order to understand it weaponized to create intellectual confusion.

🚀️ Version 4.3 is live on !
This release improves CryptPad's performance in situations of intensive use: 1200+ concurrent viewers on a document, or 10+ editing at the same time.

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