🔥 Two Git commands that have made me a better developer:

– `git commit` without the `-m` option
– `git add -p`

The former forces me to write a good multi-line commit message, and the latter allows to stage changes partially in an interactive mode.

My lawn mower broke and it's been two weeks without mowing. Today, I went out and found 6 tiny oaks in my front yard. I'll be transplanting them into other places and hoping they take root there. (One of them might get to stay where its at). It's a happy birthday to me!

Yesterday, I used and to do an interactive rebase.

Wowza, that is one amazing tool. I could easily review diffs and move commits around. I ended up consolidating 20 some "WIP" commits into 3 atomic commits each with meaningful commit messages.

'Politics are not external to technical architecture. As sites of control over technology, the decisions embedded within protocols embed values and reflect the socioeconomic and political interests of protocol developers. In a discussion about debates over Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) versus TCP/IP in Inventing the Internet, Janet Abbate notes that technical standards are often construed as neutral and therefore not historically interesting. Perceptions of neutrality derive in part from the esoteric and concealed nature of network protocols within the broader realm of information technology. As Abbate demonstrates, “The debate over network protocols illustrates how standards can be politics by other means. . . . Efforts to create formal standards bring system builders’ private technical decisions into the public realm; in this way, standards battles can bring to light unspoken assumptions and conflicts of interest. The very passion with which stakeholders contest standards decisions should alert us to the deeper meanings beneath the nuts and bolts.”

from Laura DeNardis, Protocol Politics, 2009

I feel like less and less people on the fedi are using imagine descriptions and it bums me out so fucking much.

we have a tool that allows us to, with almost no effort, make this space wildly accessable to people who don't normally get that space. a tiny amount of time that has a huge impact on people's lives

how do you not see how powerful and cool that is how do you not use it I just don't understand

The idea that FOSS developers will fix #SurveillanceCapitalism by attacking large but usable centralized bubbles with small bubbles unusable by most of the people who could benefit from their use is a trend I see time and time again. It is going to fail.


Much of my interest in roleplaying is driven by the medium's great potential to be a liberation from consumption-driven entertainment. Yes, I mean that in the most humanist "smash-capitalism" way. Role-playing can empower any individual to exalt their own creativity, entirely free of the profit-driven infrastructures required for products like commercial music, cinema and fiction. All it takes is people talking together to build meaningful stories without need of propritery tools.

A young white man threw a brick (and maybe a punch) through our shop window last night. It looks like he was aiming for our Black Lives Matter sign. We put the sign right back up, because black lives matter more than any window or other property.

@avalos Thinking back on our conversation about CSS instead of JS. Here's a site that might have some options to consider - github.com/you-dont-need/You-D

Signed up for sr.ht/ and a paid account.

I find the UI far more accessible than the mess that is Github. Great job to the Source Hut folks.

We are a sub-licensee for opossum rehabilitation. Last week, we released a young female opossum we found in our yard.

These three (Dipper, Gruncle, and Orion) joined our house for the next few weeks.

They love bananas! And climbing in anywhere they can.

I used to write software. Now I just poke around in my .emacs configuration.

Actually, after about 3 weeks, I've fully switched from to . I spent a week practicing the basics. Another week slowly bringing in packages. And the last week reflecting on what I missed from Atom and hunting those down.

I haven't used emacsclient yet, as my emacs launches in less than 1s. I've found if it stays under 0.95s I don't really notice the load lag.

Follow along at github.com/jeremyf/dotzshrc/bl

Today, friends came over with their two children. We hung out outside, throwing frisbee with our dogs, and stomping around our large backyard. It felt great to see people again and just be together.

Let's Read “The End of Policing” by Alex S Vitale - Chapter 2 (Part 2) // Take on Rules

The Police are not Here to Protect You (Part 2)


Today I released the first edition of Riot Medicine, a public domain book to help street medics in the struggle for liberation, autonomy, and dignity for all. You can download all 466 pages for free here: riotmedicine.net/downloads

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