@kensanata Are you still collecting bird songs? I have a 30 second recording, and panoramic photo of their habitat.

If you are still collecting, what is your preferred method (and format) for me to send you these artifacts.

When your local bandwidth drops to 60 Kbps or less, only then will you fully understand the hate that javascript-first websites deserve. Also, review your caching policies please.

Spent a bit of time thinking/writing through the semantics of my website. Based on my emerging understanding:

1) Breadcrumb NAV element does not belong within an ARTICLE. The breadcrumb shows how you got here and is not relevant to the context of an ARTICLE

2) NEXT and PREV role elements do not belong in an ARTICLE. They are an external context.

3) Metadata about the article (e.g. its tags) may require a separate SECTION. I had thought of it as an ASIDE, but am reconsidering. Maybe FOOTER?

#corona, USA, #smallbusiness, #worries 

Spent some time working on my Atom.io environment. This is a fork of a fork for Ruby and Markdown highlighting: github.com/jeremyf/vibrant-ink

“It’s not your system, it’s your workflow” these workflows encode your system’s values. Remember “optimize” and “efficient” are super loaded terms. Typically these optimizations and efficiencies are for the system, which perpetuates the power of the status quo.

For future reading: des4div.library.northeastern.e

Today I learned about Stanford Library's usage of Architectural Decision Records - adr.github.io/ for background and their repository: sul-dlss-labs.github.io/infras

Hot take: When so much modern sci fi is full of horrible dystopias, imperialism in space, war, and jerkass "heroes", the eutopian ideals in Star Trek: The Next Generation are really nonconformist

For one of our large projects, instead of writing code, I'm providing organizational leadership and strategy. The developer team is actively coding in GatsbyJS and I'm looking at my personal site (takeonrules.com) and wondering if I should attempt a thought experiment of migrating from Hugo to GatsbyJS. The curse of hobby as work as hobby.

Today, I extracted a code from a community project I work on. The current function of the code is to push out files to all repositories in a Github organization (or organizations).


I just read an old blog post by @takeonrules, «Introducing GM Notepad: A Command Line Tool for GM-ing» takeonrules.com/2019/07/26/int
I guess I'd use Emacs for something like that? In fact, a few weeks ago I started working a little referee shell for Emacs that would allow me to load a roaster of characters and distribute gold and xp more easily. Right now it's a bit too cumbersome for me. But it still doesn't work.
What do you use?

Also, use Javascript only if your site needs something that can't be done with HTML5 and CSS.

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A suitcase full of books: Kafka, Camus, Achebe, Ibn Battuta, Calvino, Cervantes, Moller, Eco, Mosley, and Manguel.

That feeling when you checkout a library book, start reading it, and have a burning desire to annotate the book and underline numerous passages. I'd imagine there's a word for this in some language.

Best thing I've done for my website recently: implemented a bit of javascript. When you type <ctrl+s> it will toggle off or one the stylesheet.

Looking at my website without stylesheets has given lots of insight into the semantic markup which in turn helps with accessibility.

One thing that I know I need to do is go back and add ALT tags to images. I have some but not reliably. And in cases where there isn't an ALT tag, determine if it should be ARIA hidden.

Feeling out of sorts, so I chopped some vegetables and started cooking and listening to Black Sabbath. Feeling more human and connected.

@maenad Nice. I haven't followed New Mexicon all that much (as its not yet been feasible). I'm in northern Indiana (near Notre Dame), and with 4 children ages 17 to 22, it's been full-time fledging of adultlings.

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