Okay boardgame Mastodon, I need your help! Who should I be following on here?

I am looking for designers, content creators, fans. Whoever is into boardgames and is making this Mastodon thing work, I want to be following them. Let's make a thread of this!

@sidetone @taelmoor @LederGames @brotherwisegames @flatoutgames @MildaMatildaGames @protospielo Thanks for this list.


Brilliant! Love these folks, and Leder Games is basically just down the road from me.

@taelmoor You can follow the #boardgames hashtag to see anyone using it. You might also find some hashtags around board game creation as well but I don't know any

@wlsn Did not know following hashtags was a Mastodon feature. Thank you.

Let’s add the tag #boardgames to this thread.

Your local feed should be all tabletop games folk. I’ve met some nice folks. My primary interest here is horror but I love #ttgames.

So, if you primarily are interested in boardgames you may not want to clog up your home feed with my horror crap.

Maybe helpful to know some favorites?

7 of my favorite games are:

@grryboy Although Taelmoor itself is more of a fantasy game, I have a strong personal interest in horror, so I don't think I would mind your crap 😉

Great games list. How is Death May Die? I am always a sucker for Cthulu mythos.

@taelmoor #CthulhuDeathMayDie is great. #EricLang and #RobDaviau take #Zombicide and #ArkhamHorror, refine mechanics, make it a 90-120 minute game, and create narrative based on a combined deck of scenario cards and Ancient One cards.

Character sanity replaces the kill track of Zombicide. They become less stable but more powerful. When you hit thresholds you must reckon with your insanity card effect.


It has the narrative feel of Daviau with Eric Lang’s innovative mechanics.


#CthulhuDeathMayDie kills #Zombicide, maybe #ArkhamHorror?

You have 3 trackers: Health, Stress and Sanity. Sanity loss comes from dice rolls and same places as AH. Stress is used to pay costs, reroll dice, etc.

2 decks replace cards from AH but drawn at the end of every *turn*.

One, like Mythos, but also move towards endgame. The other replaces all Encounter decks, same monster rule applies, but with flat costs, no rolls, and cards let you choose between ally or item.

So good!

@taelmoor hmmm... Well, I would have suggested David Gardner from Motley Fool, but he's still back on the Birdsite. He periodically does an episode of his "Rule Breaker Investing" podcast focused on tabletop games, though.

@taelmoor Some (active) folks that fit your criteria are;



Outside of that, some good bg folks I've interacted with (elsewhere) for years now are:

@taelmoor no worries. I admit, I tried to focus on people that weren't on as you can browse Local here and see at least the top posts and find people that way but the real benefit of following is seeing into other instances in my view (and ymmv of course).

Seeing who replies also works (I'm at that stage myself, plus hashtags).

Best of luck, and enjoy.

@gpage Nice. And you are able to follow hashtags? I am just using the web client at the moment and although I see the option to follow hashtags on my personal Mastodon at, it appears to be missing from

I am wondering if the feature is disabled server-wide or something.

@taelmoor for the web view/client;

Each mobile client handles it differently, e.g. Tusky buries it in Account Preferences and tab management.

Credit to @Pete for the screenshots.

@gpage @Pete

Yeah, the button is weirdly just missing in the web client for me. Not on other servers, just I'll have to try out another client and see if it is possible from there.

@taelmoor @gpage is using an older version of Mastodon (3.4.6). Follow hashtags came in version 4.0. You get it when the admin upgrades the instance.

@taelmoor @Pete ahhh, gotcha. I gather because I'm doing it via Tusky and not the web client, I evidently don't run into that problem on this instance since it (evidently) puts out a manual pull when I refresh.

@taelmoor and to that end, @host might know when any potential upgrade is coming.

hello @taelmoor it is not as per th3 screenshot, but it is in the same area, it should be a plus or a pin in the "hamburger" / 3 horizontal bar menu at the top of the column.

thanks @gpage for the heads up.

@taelmoor Hi! I'm Tailsteak. I make board games, card games, and tabletop roleplaying games. In fact, my old webcomic, Leftover Soup, features multiple games throughout the plot that readers can make and play themselves! My Patreon has multiple pdfs for games you can print out and play at home, including an RPG played entirely with Scrabble tiles, a *sexy* card game for 3 or more players who want to do a smooch with each other, and an RPG where all the player stats are swear words.

@Tailsteak Wow, it sounds like you have been busy. When did you wrap up the web comic? I love the idea of embedding games. One of my favorite boardgames as a kid came out of a magazine I believe.

@taelmoor Leftover Soup ran for exactly 1,000 updates, from 2010.11.22 to 2017.04.07 (with a silent epilogue that ran until 2017.11.06, which is when I was able to launch my current webcomic, Forward.) The first board game in the strip is one of my faves, Rock Paper Scissors Chess:

@taelmoor Here are two iceland based recommendations. @steinloa is a (board)game designer and @Angurvaki is an avid board game fanatic. Note that their posts might potentially be in Icelandic.

@esi @steinloa @Angurvaki I will just have to get good at Google Translate... or learn Icelandic

@taelmoor Eric Lang, T Caires, Suz, Matt Lecock and Scott Nicholson are all on here but none have posted in January. So I’m not sure it counts as being active on here. I’m sure more will try again when the next scandal shows itself.

@steinloa Lol, indeed. I recognize a sinking ship when I see one.

@taelmoor have you poked around the local feed? Given the name of the instance you're at, I got to think that there's a lot of people there that are interested in the same things you are

@taelmoor HI! Here's some others that I think are awesome!
@annamaria_p - Violet Daisy Games
@Eric_Lang (aw3esome panda and designer)
There's a ton more but that's a good starting point.

Hashtags are your friend, on Mastodon. You can follow hashtags, like #ttrpg, #TabletopGames #BoardGames and #BoardGameDesign to find people posting about this stuff.

Also, once you find a good one, you can visit their page and see who they follow.

Mastodon it more work, but the results are worth it.

I would suggest following @StuffByBez and @EuroGamerGirl and @harperrob

If you follow Hashtags instead of accounts then you do not get Toots regarding other topics from said accounts.

@aggsol Yes, but they're still useful for finding people to follow and building your tootin' community.

@golgaloth Awesome. Yeah, that is a new feature to me. Sounds perfect, especially when you are first starting out.

@taelmoor The Esoteric Order of Gamers Player aides, mini painting and insert making tips

@TheArtGremblin @Talen_Lee Save the spoons for where they are needed. Sounds like you two keep pretty busy as is.

@wwfsmd My family and I are totally on a Wingspan kick right now too, this is perfect.

@taelmoor So, it's not a boardgame, but it's analog, and it's what I got, so here you go:

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