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Here are some thoughts from playing a couple of rounds of at this past weekend.

I'm getting crafty with my #MTG collection during quarantine; if you're looking for a sleek DIY means to keep your packs/decks orderly, I created a "Packvelope" design you may want to try:

Latest additions to that design family include Packvelopes sized for #Keyforge and #StarRealms card games too!

Looking for a fourth player for a roll20 game biweekly Sunday mornings (USA).

The other three players are all beginners, so I'm thinking it would be cool if it were an all-beginner game so that everyone would be on equal footing.

DM if interested.

top 5 games thread, 6 of 6 

1. Slay the Spire (on Switch) continued to dazzle, but this year, it stood steadfast in the brief times I had for myself while caring for a newborn and toddler. The gameplay loops are impeccable, the complexity is ideally placed, and the learning curve is perfect.

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top 5 games thread, 5 of 6 

2. The serves up the most engaging, player-friendly, cooperative tabletop experience. The moment-to-moment mechanics and the superhero theme are locked in dialogue with one another, which makes every gameplay moment dynamic and satisfying.

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3. I played Prey a lot shortly before my second kid was born this year, knowing that after, games would have to play a different role in my life. Prey felt like the pinnacle of the immersive sim, delivering intensely on narrative, character, place, and power.

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4. I haven't played much this year, but I remain tuned in and totally fascinated with its wrangling of random/procedural design into an engaging head-to-head tabletop experience. That game still seems centered around discovery, which is remarkable.

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5. My brother-in-law's family was heavy into Pokemon Go, and playing it consistently for a few months alongside them (after playing only briefly at launch) surfaced new textures in my local community and while traveling.

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Here are my top 5 games of 2019, across tabletop and digital:

Got 3-player to the table yesterday. It was a solid win against standard Rhino, but more notably, the game stuck the landing with the first-time players who are one orbit out from the core audience. (The other players are game enthusiasts but not card game grinders; Marvel appreciators, but not superfans.)

marvel champions lcg, she-hulk, comic books 

More diaries: Won a fun session playing She-Hulk aggression against expert Rhino!

Flipping between She-Hulk and Jennifer Walters is rewarding and necessary―she needs to be in alter-ego to thwart efficiently, but she's rewarded for becoming She-Hulk with a free two damage on flip.

Comic-wise, the oft-recommended She-Hulk run by Dan Slott adds so much dimensionality and really made me a fan!

More diaries: Battled standard Klaw and won as Black Panther running the leadership aspect! (I had previously lost while running Black Panther protection.)

A bonus: My partner joined me, easily cottoned on to the rules, and we ended up enjoying the scenario together!

Mmmmmay have ordered dice to make dice Advent calendars. 🤫

Second solo play of under my belt, this time as Black Panther against Rhino. (I've been catching up on the groundbreaking Coates/Stelfreeze run of Black Panther and can't get enough!)

The game really does continue to impress me. It's a fun story-puzzle at exactly the right pace.

Just played a first game of ! It's fun, thematic, and satiating for a card game aficionado.

For those of you who use foam to transport your various minis, might I suggest never ordering anything from Battlefoam again? they can take their precious historical accuracy and shove it.

Finally, FINALLY played Azul. It truly is satisfying to handle those beautiful tiles.

Guess who's gonna be at ? Anyone else going to be there?

Did a solo test of Unmatched: Battle of Legends Vol. 1 and REALLY enjoyed it! I think it's going to be a long-term favorite and I can't wait to introduce people to it.

It's like an excellent croissant—the careful layering makes it so satisfying and yet impossibly airy. They distributed the design weight so, so well.

I made a tool for KeyForge that translates decklists! 

If your playing KeyForge with players who prefer a different language for the game than you (or at international tournments, here is a little tool I made that can help you reading each others decklists:
Just paste a master vault link and press the button to generate a 7 language printout!

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