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Written Review of Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest 

Here is my review of Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest by Paolo Miri from Stonemaier Games.

Mental Health 

I found that playing board games with family or friends is my way of escaping from the day-to-day worries. It helps me to improve my mental health. It’s sort of my safe place or at least one of them. I’m so grateful that I have a wonderful family and group of friends to play board games with.

Just finished the KS video for Penguin Pairs. It’s a on a card, and it’s launching next Tuesday — £5 for a pack of five A6 cards, £9 for ten, or £17 for twenty. Physical cards available BEFORE Christmas in the UK (you’ll have them about 6 Dec) or PDFs elsewhere.

Review Copy 

Look what arrived! A review copy of 21x from @jamesnaylor. Thank you so much. Can't wait to play this with family and friends! 😯👍

Mastodon tip 

I just learned that, if you add "/public" to any Mastodon server's web address in your web browser, you can see their toots without having to be a member. Now I can check what's happening without having to follow everyone there.

What is the most emotive game you've played? 

For me, it's K2. I can feel the cold and the desperation. I know, it's nothing compared to being actually up on that mountain, but it still amazes me how well this rather simple game conveys pretty strong feelings. You can hear the wind whistle and you hope for good weather. It's amazing.

I should also mention Magnate: The First City by James Naylor from Naylor Games, but it's been too long since I played it. I'll have to get it back to the table soon.

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I've fallen in love(😍​) with economic simulation games again. I'm always the player who invests all of their money and resources, but games often don't reward this approach. However, cconomic sims do want you to invest to make more. My two favourites at the moment are Brass: Birmingham by Martin Wallace, Gavan Brown and Matt Tolman from Roxley Games and Pingyao: First Chinese Banks by Wu Shuang from Jing Studio. Do you have any favourite economic sims? 🤔​

Powerline Gamefound crowdfunding campaign 

I just paid postage for my copy of Powerline from Queen Games. I'm really looking forward to this one. On, and yes... I'm backer #1. Just saying... not bragging... 😉​👍​

I love well-laid-out . The graphic design of game boards is important to me. Clear icons can really speed up the flow of a turn. Top it all off with beautiful board game and you have the complete package. Here are more of my thoughts on the topic:

Horror Game Theme 

Betrayal at House on the Hill is great fun. I played the 3rd edition twice now and every time the story we created was just amazing. 😃👍


Inspired by - here is my list of strategies to try and solve game design problems or make progress with a project when it’s proving difficult:



Roll and move are one of the simplest mechanics, but don’t discount it because it’s simple! For this week's Game Jam, we found this small Finnish game The Glory of Champions: Formula Edition at a thrift store. What other games can you name that use this mechanic?



🦣 Mastodon username thread 🦣

Twitter friends. With Mastodon picking up some momentum, and more people joining , it'd be great to know who is actually on there. From big fish to small fry, I don't care, tag yourself here so we can find you 🤗


So, how would I go about financially supporting I mean, hosting Mastodon isn't free, is it.

Speaking of financial support, if you like what I do, you can support me in many ways. Find out more here:


Is it a single dice, or a single die?

Obviously the correct option by the dictionary is die. But my audience is non-gamers and kids.

Should I use what’s technically correct, or what people most often think?


Doesn't that look amazing?!!? Can't wait for the campaign to launch... 😊👍


The foxglove for Malum Hortus is very nearly done 😁 I'm bound to make some tweaks as I work on the evil night version, but for now I think it's looking good 😊 it takes ages for me to feel good about a piece of art but I'm getting there 🙈


Hello there. My name is Oliver Kinne and I run the Tabletop Games Blog. The blog is about all things board, card, dexterity and many other analogue games. I publish a review and a thought piece every week (so two articles a week) in written and audio format.

I'm also an associated writer for There Will Be Games and have featured in the UK Games Expo 2020 catalogue.

I also translate board games from English to German or vice versa under my Make My Game Travel brand.

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