Spotify Wrapped 

It's great to see that people listen to my reviews and other articles on . A huge thank you to all of you.

Other than Spotify, you can find them on most popular platforms. Find out more here:

Rob: Bob creates the images which bring the ideas to life. Daydreamer, doodler and creative wizard, he revels in the tactile experience of tabletop games and the fact they can’t randomly crash mid-game...

Rhi: A queer, disabled and freckle-speckled nerd. The ruler of social media, rulebook reading, and game development. Lovingly titled "The Boss" by their team mates.

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This seems like a great excuse to introduce our team and what we do!


Laurie: Autistic & ADHD infused author, activist, and lead game designer for SDR games studio. Strives to make games that engage, entertain and educate while pushing for better practices and representation within the industry.

[Meet the others in the replies]

We are a studio with two self-published games, Pugs in Mugs (now available in our store) and Earth Rising (currently in production!).

We believe that games can change the world, and want to change industry practices towards a more sustainable future.

We hope to explore the world of TTRPGs in 2023 and will be adding a list of our current WIPs to our website soon!

We're always up for playing games, and love how welcoming the tabletop community is. Thanks for reading!

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re: Games I played in November 

@SDR_Games That's exactly what we did. On our Saturday couples night, their child usually plays one game first before heading off to bed. Labyrinth is a firm favourite.

Games I played in November 

Here are the top 9 games (by number of plays) I played in November:
1. Matches
2. Labyrinth
3. Libertalia: Winds of Galecrest
4. Scout
5. Betrayal at House on the Hill
6. Brass: Birmingham
7. Hamlet
8. Hardback
9. Karuba

Promotion, Verdant 

New videos rolled in today about Verdant!

First up is our two-player and accessibility analysis. Check out our channel for our review video.

Thoughts on practicing board games against AIs 

Here is my article where I talk about getting better a board games by playing against AIs:

UK review copies 

Are you a UK board game reviewer? Want to borrow a game?

- Adventure Games: The Dungeon (Kosmos)
- Alien: Fate of the Nostromo (Ravensburger)
- Aves and Soulaween (Play with us Design)
- Brian Boru: High King of Ireland (Osprey Games)

More here:

Asking for financial support for the blog 

Here is my drive. If you like what I do and want to help me, here are some options:

Sir Meeple Apparel:

And there is more you can do:

Promotion, Rolling with Two, Monday Teaser 

What’s rolling in this week?

Use the clue to unscramble the words to see what game we’ll be talking about in Wednesday’s videos.

Clue: Green Thumb

Unscramble Each Word: TADVERN

re: Gaslands: Refuelled review 

@James_M_Hewitt It's probably the easiest way to get into the hobby. At least, that's what it looks like to me.

Gaslands: Refuelled review 

Here are my thoughts on Gaslands: Refuelled from Osprey, the first tabletop game I have reviewed:

re: Photos of The Spill board game 

@Sagrilarus Yes, it is. It’s really good actually.

#FediPoll: because of the recent influx of new folks, I‘d like to repeat the "where are you located?" question and see if thing’s have changed. So: where are you?

In the first reply to this I will make another poll specifically asking for US-Americans, don’t worry 😉

Boost this if you like!

Photos of The Spill board game 

First game of The Spill by Andy Kim from Smirk & Dagger with art from Kwanchai Moriya for couples games night tonight. 😃👍

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