Hello Tabletop.Social!

This is the guide. Read below if you're interested in joining a monthly community event.

Three keywords will be announced at the beginning of every month for inspiration or guidance. Incorporate them however you want in a piece of tabletop related work. It can be painting a figure, writing a short campaign module, sketching a character, or anything else in between.


Post format:

- A brief write up of your interpretation for the month's keywords for your contribution. A breakdown of your process would be welcome addition as well. While not mandatory, such information can be a great boon to aspiring hobbyists and artists.
- Attached media of your work. If your contribution would take a large number of toots to post, feel free to link to an external source like an imgur gallery or blog post.


- Tag your posts with along with the appropriate challenge number (for example: ).

Remember to have fun! Hobbies can be stressful at times. Don't be afraid to step back and take a breather from time to time. We look forward to seeing what you all have to share!

First challenge will be announced March 1st.


@Xenni Looking forward to having you! The more the merrier, after all. :smile:

@anahata @Xenni We're going to hold out until the planned start date (Mar. 1st). This will help get everybody in a steady rhythm in the long run. It's great to see the enthusiasm and it'll be even better to see that enthusiasm expressed!

LB: This is a very cool idea and I'm following in case I ever get the time or inspiration to take part. XD

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