Hey everybody!

It's time to get rolling! Hopefully everybody is doing their best to stay happy, healthy, and safe. It's taking a lot of effort to not make an Earth Wind and Fire joke in this post, so I'll get right down to business.

Our themes are: Change, Hard, and Populated

Be sure to post what you have for if you haven't! It doesn't have to be finished and it'll help others with their own personal improvement.

Full rules for : tabletop.social/@tabletopchall

Hey everybody!

Great work and interesting projects for , but it's time to hang up 2 and move on to ! This month, let's see if we can't get some positivity going or twist the themes into unrecognizable irony. ;)

Our themes are: growth, openness, and sky

Be sure to post what you have for of you haven't! It doesn't have to be finished and it'll help others with their own personal improvement.

Full rules for : tabletop.social/@tabletopchall

Hey everybody!

Just a little while longer until draws to a close. Hopefully we've all been having a good time and learning a few new things along the way. :)

Just remember to post whatever you have by the 31st. Even if it's not done, having something to show doesn't just help you. Others benefit from whatever insight you gained during the process regardless of completion.

Hope to see you all at the end of the month!

Hey everybody, it's the first of the month again! That means it's time for another post! Before I post the themes, I'd like to apologize for vanishing after the first challenge. Life happened and social media took a back seat. I hope everybody has been staying safe and healthy.

Here are the themes for : determined, invasive, and iconoclast.

Remember that the themes are completely open to interpretation.

Rules and formatting:

Hello everybody!

I hope we're all ready for the first challenge!

The themes for are: Adventurous, Cold, and Retro.

Keep in mind, these tags are completely open to interpretation. Apply them as literally or figuratively as you see fit. The goal is to finish it by the end of month. Even if you don't finish in time, don't be afraid to post what you have. Even an in progress piece of work can be educational to the community!

- Tag your posts with along with the appropriate challenge number (for example: ).

Remember to have fun! Hobbies can be stressful at times. Don't be afraid to step back and take a breather from time to time. We look forward to seeing what you all have to share!

First challenge will be announced March 1st.


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Post format:

- A brief write up of your interpretation for the month's keywords for your contribution. A breakdown of your process would be welcome addition as well. While not mandatory, such information can be a great boon to aspiring hobbyists and artists.
- Attached media of your work. If your contribution would take a large number of toots to post, feel free to link to an external source like an imgur gallery or blog post.


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Hello Tabletop.Social!

This is the guide. Read below if you're interested in joining a monthly community event.

Three keywords will be announced at the beginning of every month for inspiration or guidance. Incorporate them however you want in a piece of tabletop related work. It can be painting a figure, writing a short campaign module, sketching a character, or anything else in between.


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