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Been staring at this for a while and totally forgot to upload here - #5 of our party as demigods, Linus Ursusheart, hexblade warlock, resident LG pretty boy, and former prince of a former kingdom that has now exploded into zombies.

I dunno if I'm the biggest fan of the color palette I ended up using for his armor, but my DM who gets to see these first said he likes it so much that he's probably going to use it for his Sister of Battle models when he paints them, so... :)

DM: "Should I be making antler-friendly doors in my setting for your tiefling? And hats?"
Me: "No, it's okay, my boy's got a 16 in Dex and Cha, a +9 in Deception, and he's spent his entire life perfecting the art of making walking through doors with those antlers look easier than it is."
Me: "Hat though. Yeah he has trouble with hats."

Pokerole session #1 came and went and ended with the players stumbling upon a Murkrow murder's lair. So how do they respond? One player holds up the unconscious Pineco he's been carrying around after it used self-destruct and held a potion to it, threatening to revive it if the Murkrow do anything.

Player 1: "Oh hey, we can buy canned food - oh but there's no can opener item!"
Player 2: "We're going to starve."
Player 1: "Well, Vullaby, I guess it's your job to - oh no Vullaby only knows Gust!"
Player 3: "It's okay, my Fomantis knows Fury Cutter, it'll just attack like five times and totally destroy the food."

Player 1: "One of us should be Pokemon kibble."
Me: "It's fine, one of you put points in Survival, right?"
Player 1: "No."
Player 2: "I'm a slacker."
Player 3: "I have one point in Survival."
Player 4: "I have no points in Survival."

Discussing characters for Pokerole:
Player 1: "My background is that I woke up in a hotel room with a suitcase full of pokeballs and money"
Player 2: "And missing one of your kidneys?"
Player 3: "And ten years old."

The villains for my Pokerole game that begins tomorrow - Bonnie and Read of the region's Team Dusk. But let's be honest, they're just a couple of dorks

Speaking of , I'm playing around with the idea of writing a blog to recap the next campaign's adventures assuming everyone in my group is cool with it. I feel like it'd be a fun exercise in getting myself to stick with ongoing projects since I have a bit of difficulty with that.

With our current campaign coming to a close faster than I expected, and another campaign ready to boot up after that, here's a pair of NPCs involved in my next character's backstory!

THE GOOD NEWS is that our bard was able to cast Tiny Hut to give us some form of shelter that we could rest in while we waited for the wizard to be able to cast Teleport again.

Also Wulfriss was a bird during all of this.

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recap - So our campaign almost ended early in a water grave today.
- Went to magic floating islands (really just chunks of rocks) used by the high elves as a strike base from flying mount units
- Fought their dragon king/demigod on said island
- Things went well! Realized after we won the battle that we were still in enemy territory and used Teleport to get out
- Teleport, uh... rolled poorly
- Ended up 150 miles out in the middle of the ocean

this week - I mentioned before that Wulfriss has recently gained the ability to cast Healing Spirit and uhhh the spirit is his horrible reaper stand that eats god souls. He has summoned it twice now, and both times it just sort of... refuses to heal the characters who have most frequently stopped it from devouring people.

We ended combat with 8 rounds of Healing Spirit left after Wulfriss cast it as a 4th level spell, so one character rolled her 24d6 for the healing annnd...

The next in my collection of our party as demigods - our tabaxi wizard, Cyan! (Tells Tales Where the Sky is Always Cyan, is I believe his full name, but he's never particularly introduced himself as such). His combat MO is to never actually be touched when on the battlefield thanks to blink, shield, tabaxi speed, etc, but he's also fond of other utility spells and the occasional magic missile or lightning bolt.

A complete madman realized "wait, the character doesn't live in a grid world" and turned their cube-shaped AoE on an angle.

This changes everything.

I write fiction and I play/GM Pathfinder & Starfinder. I'm trying to publish some stuff if you happen to be in the industry. I'm looking to talk about creating content for d&d and paizo RPGs. Thanks for letting me join the community!

Every time I add a Pokemon to my Pokerole adventure as plot-relevant character for my players to interact with, I get to stop and think "What if they try to catch it."

Here's a Krookodile, the big final boss of this adventure, it's a big bully with a maxed out Disobedience score, a bad temper, and it's currently on a rampage.

"What if they try to catch it."

(Honestly I want them to try. It'll be such a bad idea.)

Preparing to run Pokerole for friends, my compulsive and excessive creative energy mixed with something I've grown up with and am intimately familiar with is a TERRIBLE thing.

Me: "I'll just write up a short adventure to try out the system, just a couple sessions long, it'll be fun."
Me: "Oh, I should make a random encounter list. Let's see, this Pokemon makes sense for the environment. And this one. And I love this one.
Me: *Copying stats for 50+ Pokemon that the group MIGHT encounter*

It's transformed Wulfriss and Mr. Blue Sky! We needed a Roll20 token for Wulfriss' newfound ability to cast Healing Spirit, and guess who gets to take up that role!

Today in
-We peacefully resolved another demigod situation
-Our secondary party saved the city from being blown up by a bomb
-The primary party had to make sure the secondary party didn't throw the bomb off a building
-Secondary party's gnoll druid told Wulfriss he needs to meditate and practice mindfulness exercises. He is very right.
-Everyone got to have nice downtime chatting and doing romance things and Wulfriss has to be all like "Hey I'm sorry I tried to eat you once" to the bard

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