Never did upload this, come to think of it - Colored the sketch of our party!

I forgot I haven't uploaded this yet, our party for the new campaign! From left to right, we have Maevia the dwarven battlerager barbarian, Marv the githyanki war wizard (and Frog the toad familiar), Felfedau aka Velvet the amami (homebrew rabbit person) long death monk, Jannat the dragonborn college of swords bard, and Veilour the tiefling swashbuckler rogue with Camelia the bat familiar. I love this group of misfits.

Fantasy drug mention 

What do you get when you give a githyanki some fantasy cocaine?

Our wizard and personal fucking psycho. Remember kids, not all adventurers are role models.

Annnd the final of our party as demigods, the Queen of Hearts, Kara the pirate captain. Her already coming with a title from her pirating legacy made it pretty easy to pick out a theme for her design.

Been staring at this for a while and totally forgot to upload here - #5 of our party as demigods, Linus Ursusheart, hexblade warlock, resident LG pretty boy, and former prince of a former kingdom that has now exploded into zombies.

I dunno if I'm the biggest fan of the color palette I ended up using for his armor, but my DM who gets to see these first said he likes it so much that he's probably going to use it for his Sister of Battle models when he paints them, so... :)

The villains for my Pokerole game that begins tomorrow - Bonnie and Read of the region's Team Dusk. But let's be honest, they're just a couple of dorks

With our current campaign coming to a close faster than I expected, and another campaign ready to boot up after that, here's a pair of NPCs involved in my next character's backstory!

this week - I mentioned before that Wulfriss has recently gained the ability to cast Healing Spirit and uhhh the spirit is his horrible reaper stand that eats god souls. He has summoned it twice now, and both times it just sort of... refuses to heal the characters who have most frequently stopped it from devouring people.

We ended combat with 8 rounds of Healing Spirit left after Wulfriss cast it as a 4th level spell, so one character rolled her 24d6 for the healing annnd...

The next in my collection of our party as demigods - our tabaxi wizard, Cyan! (Tells Tales Where the Sky is Always Cyan, is I believe his full name, but he's never particularly introduced himself as such). His combat MO is to never actually be touched when on the battlefield thanks to blink, shield, tabaxi speed, etc, but he's also fond of other utility spells and the occasional magic missile or lightning bolt.

It's transformed Wulfriss and Mr. Blue Sky! We needed a Roll20 token for Wulfriss' newfound ability to cast Healing Spirit, and guess who gets to take up that role!

Topic was "take your favorite animal and what Pokemon type people say you are and make up a Pokemon that you are out of that"

So here is Cashi the cat sidhe Pokemon. Because my husband says I am Normal/Fairy type

Decided to get around to finishing this piece that I've had lying around for... too long.

Velour von Freitz, Levistus tiefling bard or rogue (undecided at the moment) that I'm hoping to play in a future campaign.

More ramblings about Wulfriss and his skeletal Stand monster (+drawings) 

Oh I forgot, I actually did do a couple doodles in my notebook a few months back for Wulfriss' not-Stand in its full skeletal glory. I should probably do a full digitial version one day, it'd be fun to color.

The first time this thing showed up, it was pretty terrifying for Wulfriss to realize "oh there's a monster inside me oh no"

I'm not sure if it's better or worse to find out the monster IS him.

Haven't gotten a lot of finished art pieces done outside of comic work for a bit, but here's a rough sketch of a tiefling rogue or bard (undecided) that I hope to play one day.

He's a sassy boy.

Monster Doodles! 

Speaking of monsters, I remembered I did actually do a few nice monster doodles a while back. Rust monster!

Continuing our group's party as demigods, next up is our yuan-ti bard, Kiyo, and her snake familiar, Ugajin! Kiyo's a good girl who spends all of her time playing music or being very worried and trying to make her friends not die, so I focused on her performer traits more than snake traits. Ugajin gets a nice upgrade to dragon.

My dear sweet alien symbiont host that I intended to play for a homebrew superhero game. Still unsure if that's happening since the friend running it hasn't mentioned it in a bit, I'll have to pop him a message later to find out. But either way, Ozzy's a good boy despite running around in the darkness, spooking criminals, and spawning urban legends about a man-eating monster roaming the city at night.

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