The next in my collection of our party as demigods - our tabaxi wizard, Cyan! (Tells Tales Where the Sky is Always Cyan, is I believe his full name, but he's never particularly introduced himself as such). His combat MO is to never actually be touched when on the battlefield thanks to blink, shield, tabaxi speed, etc, but he's also fond of other utility spells and the occasional magic missile or lightning bolt.

@starberries The portal effect here is really cool-looking! Also, I love using villians with that fighting style against my parties - bonus points if I can get them to destroy the city as they chase the villian trying to destroy them, comic-book style.

(Also, cool black cat smoke wisp thing!)


@emsenn Thanks, I'm glad you like it! I do agree with that method of villainy, why more fun than just throwing a big ol' sack of HP and damage at the players

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