We've been playing Dragon Heist, so I'm working on a laser cut Trollskull Manor. This is my forth prototype and some of the 3D printed details for it (still very much a wip). There are a couple of places that the scan layer didn't burn quite right, but I'll take it. Tomorrow I should have doors and windows installed.

A couple of new Roll20 tokens for @Audie 's campaign πŸ˜ƒ These two had the most character appearance changes hehe

Me and a good friend's chaotic bards. Let them forever meme together :thinkergunsunglasses:​

Doesn't matter what you are.

You can be gay, straight, binary, non-binary, or asexual.

Someone in Pittsburgh will still call you a Jagoff

Hey heres one of my DnD characters, Vega Polaris

Felt compelled to make a small art based on today's request to remember that not everyone at the table is cool with 'dude' or 'you guys'.

Feel free to share it with others :)

Final verdict on adventures with the tank of doom - It is fused with a demon and wants to destroy everything. There is immense concern amongst the party but the rogue seems fine with it and we need it to destroy Cyberman dwarves, so I guess we're just traveling with a demon siege monster tank.

Annnnd the tank is built for malice and wants to destroy everything.

Current status: Our rogue is commandeering a Hellfire Engine siege tank from enemy dwarfbots.

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My cat just embarrassed himself by falling down a wooden board that was at an angle. Now he's taking it out on the board lol

This is my , . He doesn't know he's a warlock, though. He believes himself to be a powerful wizard, not realizing that his magic abilities actually are granted to him by his pet chicken, who is the emissary of an otherworldly chicken god.

He was a lot of fun to paint! This is one of the most detailed figures I've done. I love the slightly steampunk-ish vibes you get from all those straps and belts. He's a lot of fun to play as, too!

Making custom tokens for my game with my dad tonight, it's super nice to have these! Excuse my messy table.

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Ayshtel the yuan-ti warlock and Verda the lizardfolk fighter - and let's not forget Ayshtel's archfey patron/familiar Koefy. Just some fun characters that I enjoy writing for.

The Continuing Adventures of a Snake and a Lizard Show more

Been attempting a solo play experiment starring a yuan-ti warlock and lizardfolk fighter, and their adventures traveling to the Sword Coast. This level 1 lizardfolk has bested a dragonborn barbarian in a duel through sheer luck and clever strategy despite her 8 Int, I'm proud of her. Meanwhile the yuan-ti was just waiting to cast Sleep if the duel went bad, the cheater.

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