Speaking of I actually did go ahead and make that blog for art and session recaps! I intended to write the recaps myself, but Jannat's player offered to write them on account of being a bard and all, so that stuff comes courtesy of him instead of me. dungeonsandberries.tumblr.com/

I forgot I haven't uploaded this yet, our party for the new campaign! From left to right, we have Maevia the dwarven battlerager barbarian, Marv the githyanki war wizard (and Frog the toad familiar), Felfedau aka Velvet the amami (homebrew rabbit person) long death monk, Jannat the dragonborn college of swords bard, and Veilour the tiefling swashbuckler rogue with Camelia the bat familiar. I love this group of misfits.

Fantasy drug mention 

I ordered lunch at work today.

The uh... The kitchen workers didn't make my lunch. They've all gone home for the day. :(

Playing a rogue with Booming Blade is great, especially since we're currently fighting low-CR enemies for the early campaign. My dear tiefling child is running around, just... deleting the hell out of enemies.


I just realized that my character for our next campaign was an entity that was slain and reincarnated into a new form (specifically that of a handsome young man) who is now surrounded by attractive women (both backstory NPCs and some of the other PCs).

Maybe I'm the isekai protagonist this time.

So now that yesterday has passed, I've got some thoughts to follow up our beautiful, glorious, over-the-top campaign that our wonderful DM hosted for over a year -
1. Shit this has been the best campaign I've played in and I loved every minute of it.
2. Wulfriss literally killed the darkness inside of himself with a katana and the power of friendship.
3. Our other DM is ready and rearing to go and we begin our next campaign THIS WEEK! I'm honestly just... so excited already.

We summoned an Earth Elemental in space. It's, uh... just gonna hang around, I guess.

DM: "You actually overkilled her 200 damage ago, I just wanted to let you keep going."

Level 20 is great.

Warlock: "If we're going to do revive Wulfriss, maybe we should do it in the demiplane so we have a controlled environment."
DM: "Don't you have a bunch of civilians in there that you rescued earlier?"
Warlock: "Oh, right, I actually can't let them out until tomorrow."
"DM: "Oh, okay."

That feel when you find out your PC's soul was taken and replaced with a fake soul since before the campaign started.

In 20 minutes, our final session of our year-long campaign begins. I'M SCREAMING INSIDE WITH FUCKING HYPE, SOMEBODY HELP

Annnd the final of our party as demigods, the Queen of Hearts, Kara the pirate captain. Her already coming with a title from her pirating legacy made it pretty easy to pick out a theme for her design.

Fictional character death 

(Though just because I've enjoyed Wulfriss so much doesn't mean I haven't enjoyed the others - Weiss the relentlessly optimistic paladin and Annette the oblivious warlock who accidentally became a goddess to mushrooms are close second favorites)

I'm so torn right now - tomorrow is our second to last session for our ongoing campaign. Then, in a couple weeks, we start our new campaign. On the one hand, I adore playing Wulfriss more than any character I've played before and I'm going to miss him when this campaign ends. On the other hand, this poor accidental edgelord of a character deserves rest and retirement and I'm so eager to play my new darling.

Either way, we're leading up to a good fucking finale and I can't wait.

Been staring at this for a while and totally forgot to upload here - #5 of our party as demigods, Linus Ursusheart, hexblade warlock, resident LG pretty boy, and former prince of a former kingdom that has now exploded into zombies.

I dunno if I'm the biggest fan of the color palette I ended up using for his armor, but my DM who gets to see these first said he likes it so much that he's probably going to use it for his Sister of Battle models when he paints them, so... :)

DM: "Should I be making antler-friendly doors in my setting for your tiefling? And hats?"
Me: "No, it's okay, my boy's got a 16 in Dex and Cha, a +9 in Deception, and he's spent his entire life perfecting the art of making walking through doors with those antlers look easier than it is."
Me: "Hat though. Yeah he has trouble with hats."

Pokerole session #1 came and went and ended with the players stumbling upon a Murkrow murder's lair. So how do they respond? One player holds up the unconscious Pineco he's been carrying around after it used self-destruct and held a potion to it, threatening to revive it if the Murkrow do anything.

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