I'm looking for someone who can design a card face and card back for an upcoming project. Paid gig.

Reply if interested, boost if not.


Bee tee dubs, I've cross-posted LAUNCH on DriveThruRPG as well, mostly so that somebody looking in one spot doesn't have to wonder if they're seeing all my games.


Work closed early due to snow
Me and coworker: "This is barely anything, are we really closing for this?"
Ten minutes later
Me and coworker: "Oh shit this is building up fast we're all gonna die"

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Hi, I'm new to Mastadon and this instance. My main character within 5e is a Lizardfolk Monk named 'Qin Bho'.

Other than that, I'm a DM who loves creating new mechanics and fixing combat within 5e

Alright folks, so the warlock dropped a Sickening Radiance on Wulfriss and all the enemies in the battlefield knowing that Wulfriss is resistant to radiant damage.

Wulfriss is one of the only ones to fail their save and so he is now glowing with radiation.

Some saucy tactics happening in this dungeon.


It's not actually a xenomorph but it's very xenomorph-inspired, so that's why I'm gonna call it.


Been reading/watching a lot of things involving folklore monsters as of late. Maybe I'll try doing some monster sketches for practice. It takes me a while to finish full art pieces and I have done anything small in a while, so I think I could use something like that.

End of session summary:
- We got an airship! Flying to the lair of Wulfriss' backstory villain
- We got wrecked by monsters! Everyone failed their save against the harpy's song while on the airship and yet we made it through with no casualties, amazingly
- Wulfriss feels awful about Sophi being afraid of him but he doesn't know what to do and is scared he'll make things worse
- We have to hunt eight monsters to open a door
- One is a xenomorph roaming the dungeon and it knows we're here

Returned to our main campaign! Our dear sweet young NPC companion Sophi, who is unbeknownst to her related to Wulfriss due to a weird series if fuckery involving gods, has been acting strangely. Wulfriss rolled insight to see what's up.

DM: "She's afraid of you."

... O-oh no.

Today in we:
- Performed a play
- Crit the shit out of the local fey jerk with our paladin
- Freed and made friends with the local dragon
- Became the local Avengers

And now, with that adventure wrapped up, I retire Breeze the monk and will return to Wufriss next week as our main campaign continues! I've missed it so much.

Continuing our group's party as demigods, next up is our yuan-ti bard, Kiyo, and her snake familiar, Ugajin! Kiyo's a good girl who spends all of her time playing music or being very worried and trying to make her friends not die, so I focused on her performer traits more than snake traits. Ugajin gets a nice upgrade to dragon.

My dear sweet alien symbiont host that I intended to play for a homebrew superhero game. Still unsure if that's happening since the friend running it hasn't mentioned it in a bit, I'll have to pop him a message later to find out. But either way, Ozzy's a good boy despite running around in the darkness, spooking criminals, and spawning urban legends about a man-eating monster roaming the city at night.

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Brand new to Mastodon - don't know if I'll buy into it yet. Just testing the waters with alternative social media. So far though, this looks pretty cool. I'm a 5e DM and Twitch streamer (same ID)

Not looking like we'll be wrapping up this adventure as planned today, but our characters are getting wrapped into a play! Most of them are on board with this.

The bear has gotten her tongue stuck on an ice pillar. Repeat, the bear has gotten her tongue stuck on an ice pillar. The bear is also drunk.

Our player who was on vacation has returned early because of a horrible time and lack of modern medicine in Vietnam, so our DM's hoping to wrap up our side
adventure today.

Today's to-do list:
1. Free the local dragon from enslavement by fey
2. Punch Jack Frost in the face
3. Investigate that thing that people never return from investigating

Shouldn't be too hard to wrap up!

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