Okay, the final roll is Fomantis. It can actually attack!

Pokemon continues: The friend who rolled Hoppip decided he will reroll so that he can at least have something that will at least have an offensive move to start with.

He rolled a Wynaut.
One more mulligan, he rolled a Ralts.

On a related note, said friend gave us the sentence "If we're doing group combat more than 1v1, my Hoppip can tank with Synthesis"

"Hoppip can tank"

I'm gonna be running a Pokemon game for my group on the side of our main campaing, gonna try out the Pokerole ruleset. Once of my friends decided he would randomly roll his starter. Apparently when he tested the number generation on his own, he got cool shit like Aegislash and Misdreavus. But when he rolled in front of us?

"Hoppip. Fuck."

update: Wow we have to do a disk swap.

Our Roll20 chat log has gotten so large that our GM cannot load up Roll20 and the chat archive loads like hell, so he's saved a copy of the archive and is giving the night for everyone else to save it, then he's gonna delete it all and we're starting with a fresh chat log next session.

Speaking of , we had an intermission roleplay for Wulfriss to catch up with his father Sigmund while we have some downtime. I love Sigmund so much, he's such a stereotypical dad who likes doing dad things.

Sigmund: "I'm probably embarrassing you with all of this praise, I'm just so proud of everything you've done. Anyway, SO ARE YOU GONNA HOOK UP WITH ANY OF THOSE GIRLS YOU'VE BEEN TRAVELLING WITH? AM I GONNA HAVE GRANDKIDS?"
Wulfriss: "Why would you do this."

This upcoming week in
Our main party has brought in several NPC allies and joined forces with the party from the short side campaign we did back in the winter season to stop a city from being blown up by a zombie bomb. This next dungeon will have us switching between our two parties and optionally controlling the NPC friends for a big combat

Topic was "take your favorite animal and what Pokemon type people say you are and make up a Pokemon that you are out of that"

So here is Cashi the cat sidhe Pokemon. Because my husband says I am Normal/Fairy type

Complaining about PBP games Show more

Continuing adventures of Wulfriss being host to a specter that eats the divine essence of demigods: I nicknamed this entity Mr. Blue Sky as a joke but now I'm getting used to calling it that.

In other news, Mr. Blue Sky roared at us (it has never made any sort of noise before) and an NPC told us that she thinks that thing is a problem and we shouldn't let it eat anymore.

Wulfriss is unconscious after our most recent combat encounter. He's stable though, and he's had a day, so the group is just gonna... Let him be, apparently.

Meanwhile the rogue has gotten some drawing tools from the bard and immediately taken to drawing a mustache on Wulfriss' face.

party compositions can be funny sometimes. I've joined a Rolegate game and just realized that the party is composed entirely of a human, a half-elf, elves, and a dwarf...

And then my gaudy tiefling with antlers and a long spiky tail. I wonder which one of us stands out most in a crowd.

Friend DM'd a one shot that featured an enemy wizard who held a super powerful one-use magic item that could easily turn the tide of battle.

But said wizard refused to use it. Because he might need it later.

After bit of counting, we rolled 30 crits and 23 nat 1s on d20 rolls in today's session.

There was this one time Wulfriss wanted to thank our bard for keeping the whole party alive. The bard is a yuan-ti (or setting equivalent), and has expressed how much she enjoys talking to snakes, so Wulfriss decided to put his ranger skills to use and find a random venomous snek for bard to talk to. She was delighted.

But I genuinely could not remember at first if Wulfriss actually explained that it was a "thank you" or if he just walked up to her, handed her a wild animal, and then left.

Need to pull four levers in order to open the big dungeon door.
Two of the levers are in hidden rooms accessible by tunnels submerged underwater. The warlock swims into one room, Wulfriss, at 7hp from the wendigo incident, goes in the other. This was a bad idea to begin with.

The party pulls all four levers. Spectral guardians attack the party members at the first two levers we found. Water elementals attack the warlock and Wulfriss.

The only help Wulfriss has is the bard's snake famiiliar.

Me: Steps away from computer to get a drink, sees cookies
DM: Reveals the dark history of the ruins we're exploring and the atrocities that were commmitted her
Me: Sits down back and starts reading what I missed "Homemade cookies are the good shit."

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