The McElroys are doing TAZ and MBMBam in New Orleans next month and I'm really contemplating just going alone since I don't have anyone who wants to tag along. I guess it helps that NOLA is a little weekend gettaway I've been wanting to do regardless...

If I've been absent from social media it's because I've been playing so much Breath of the Wild lately that I now qualify for dual citizenship in Hyrule.

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I love catholic midnight mass because it's beautiful but I have a few issues with it logistically, mainly that I've been cooking and drinking wine all afternoon and then I have to go to the pilot episode of TLC's 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant with the Savior" and not make jokes

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I.. didn't think this was an actual porn instance thingy. anyway I'm new and if anyone knows landscape servers pls lemme know.
this is the type of stuff i draw owo

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it's their anniversary!!!! my babies have been happy and in love for four yearrss T-T

#korrasami #legendofkorra

I'm gonna be a big nerd boy and read these on my flights home tomorrow.

Also here's some good hot chocolate I made using frothed milk from a fancy Keurig. And I made a coffeecow.

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this was a whole series of pages about a race im tinkering with but i just learned that mastodon doesnt support photosets oops

I went to Target to pick up some flasks that I then laser engraved to give as gifts (in the top right) and I happened to see a big display with this on it.
Since I've been thinking a lot lately about wanting to run my own campaign, it seemed like a good sign that I should get myself a gift too!

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Also I owe the university $850 before I can register for spring courses 🙃🙃🙃
Guess I know where all my Christmas money is gonna go and it won't be towards a Switch or anything DnD related

Y'all I'm so excited to go home for Christmas and get the heck outta Texas for a while

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Over the garden wall... is apparently how you get to Hallownest?

I'm excited with how this turned out because these are two things I enjoy very much and sort of go together in a weird way. I've also never done a full color piece with a background so this was neat to figure out!

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